October 6, 2017

Britt League Added to Roster; Hawks Back In Boston for Last Time This Season

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The Tomahawks continue their season-opening road trip as they head back to the Boston area to take on the Northeast Generals. This, oddly enough, is the last time all season the Tomahawks will travel to play the Generals in their home barn.

Next weekend the Tomahawks finally have their home opener vs the Philadelphia Rebels for a two game set. But don't get to comfortable with having the Hawks back at home, because it's a one-and-done home stand, as the Hawks' will go back on the road for two more weeks.

Getting back to this weekend's games.

So far this season, Johnstown is 1-2 vs the Generals.

The Tomahawks will once again have a new player on the roster as Britt League has rejoined the team after not making the opening roster for the USHL's Youngstown Phantom.

League appeared in a handful of games for Johnstown last year, towards the begining of the season. League went, 4-0-0-1 and had a save percentage of .910.

He was then called up to the Phantoms and spent the rest of the 2016-2017 season with Youngstown, though he only played in 6 games. He tallied a record of 3-0-0 with a save percentage of .919.

Will the 2-7-0 Tomahawks be able to turn things around with this weekend series vs the Generals?

During the first three games they played vs the Generals to start the season, the Tomahawks didn't look all that great, but one of their wins is from beating the Generals.

Northeast is currently the best team in the league (7-2-0 14 points). With this said, New Jersey did beat the Generals in their last game, 10-3. Fingers crossed that this is a sign that Northeast might be a fragile team at the moment, and the Tomahawks can capitalize on it.

Johnstown has the worst goal differentual in the league which is currently at a -17.

Defense for the Hawks' has been an issue in this young season, allowing 34 goals in only 9 games.

Though the Hawks have been having a tough time keeping pucks out of the net, they haven't been scoring a ton of goals either. So far the team has scored 17 goals, 5 of which game in one game vs Topeka, which gave them their second win of the season.

It's not quite time to hit the panic button just yet, but Johnstown needs to start finding themselves in the win column.

The top four teams in the division make the playoffs, and right now, Johnstown sits in fifth place with only 4 points. Tomahawks' are 5 points behind fourth place New Jersey.

If the Tomahawks have a perfect weekend they can improve to 5-7, which makes things a whole lot better. If things continue to go the way they have gone so far, and the Hawks give up three more losses, that would give the team a 2-10 record.

If that happens, management will have to decide what to do next. Have this year be a learning year and hope the young players develop and come back next season to have a great year, though losing in Johnstown will hurt overall attendance. Or, shake up the roster even more.

Let's hope this is the weekend the team turns things around so we don't have to consider even more dire possible changes.


Tomahawks vs Generals Friday 7:30 pm
Tomahawks vs. Generals Saturaday 5:30pm
Tomahawks vs Generals Sunday 12:00pm

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