September 1, 2017

Tomahawks - In the News #1

The new hockey season is getting closer by the day. The Tomahawks have been back in town for the last week, attending training camp to get ready for the season.

There's been a lot of articles and news about the team in the past week, and if you missed any of it, no need to worry. We've got you covered. Below are all the stories you need to make sure you check out. 

These are from the Tomahawks' official website, The Tribune Democrat, and our blog.


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The Johnstown Tomahawks Official Website 

Features info about returning players, some new players, and a ton of quotes.

Purpura has his eyes set on the starting goalie role. Features quotes from Purpura himself.

Trouba talks about stepping up into a leadership role this upcoming season. Features quotes from Trouba.

Info about Mike Letizia's two principles and how the players are looking in the first week of camp. Once again, filled with quotes.

Tribune Democrat Articles

The Tomablog

We take a look at why for the first time in team history the Tomahawks have no preseason games to play.

The Tomahawks parted was with a few players that were set to return this upcoming season. Find out who they are in this article.

We've added a second site to The Tomablog brand. 

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