August 28, 2017

Interaction the Goal of New Feature

The Johnstown Tomahawks are about to get their sixth season in the NAHL underway in a few weeks. There's nothing better than hockey season, in our opinion. With The Tomablog coming back in full swing for the 2017-2018 season, we not only wanted to bring back our perspective on things, but wanted to add something fresh.

Well, today we hope to do just that. The Tomablog has been mainly a one-man operation offering the views of just one fan. Facebook is a great way to interact with other fans, but it's not the best place to hold open conversations with large groups of fans, where anyone and everyone can join in at any moment.

In this thinking, we've decided to add a second website to The Tomablog. This second site will be a place where fans can interact with other fans, to talk about Tomahawks hockey, the NAHL, and just hockey in general. The best way to do this is with a message board/forum. And that's exactly what we're launching today.

The new message board is linked at the top of the blog, or you can access it directly at

To interact and become part of the new community, you have to register, though if you just want to read what everyone is talking about, no registration is needed. With that said, we encourage you to become a member. Joining is FREE (and you'll never have to pay anything to use the board) and it takes less than a minor penalty to make an account.

Back in the day, the Johnstown Chiefs had a message board and it was a great place for fans to come together and share breaking news, rant, prepare for upcoming games, etc.

The Johnstown Tomahawks haven't had anything like that, till now.

So what do you say? Training camp starts this week. The first regular season game is September 13th, when the Tomahawks visit the Northeast Generals for a three-game series.

Hope to see you guys over at the message board!

Also, give us your feedback on the new forum. Think we should add something to make it even better? We'd love to know your thoughts.

Let's Go Hawks'!

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