July 23, 2015

New Content for the 2015-2016 Season On TheTomablog

The last time this website had any new content was last November. At that time I announced that I would be stepping away from the usual posts, as I had other writing opportunities that were going to take up a majority of my time.

During the months after I stopped reporting all the latest news on the Tomahawks, the team and city has seen itself become the first ever Hockeyville in America. This just adds to the rich hockey history that Johnstown can be proud of.

Another season is quickly approaching the Tomahawks, and players looking for be a Hawk for the 2015-2016 season are currently in town participating in the team’s main camp. Out of the 80 players expected to attend the final tryout, a total of around 30 players will be invited to Johnstown’s training camp taking place later next month.

This upcoming season looks to be the Tomahawks’ most exciting to date. That’s where I got to thinking about how much I do miss running this blog everyday, but with the work load I still have chasing after my dreams, I can’t update and report every little story coming out of Hawks nation. That doesn’t mean I can’t do something. Something that not only is informative but also entertaining.

I’ve decided that I will do my darnedest to make new content for TheTomablog and try and do it on a somewhat consistent basis. What has been taking up all my time? Well, simply put, freelance writing. Writing and actually making money. The prime focus has been on screenwriting. Over the last year, almost a year, I’ve been working on some (for hire) projects. They’ve ranged from short films, to feature length, and even television pilots.

One of those pilots lead to an opportunity to write for the series. In it’s first season of ten episodes, I was honored to be able to write eight of the episodes. You might be seeing the show on your television sometime soon, or at least online in the future, but exact details are still being laid out.

Writing for film and television not only takes up a ton of time, but it’s also creatively draining. After a long days work of sitting at the computer creating new worlds from my mind, it’s hard to then write even more, even if it’s about the team you love, the Johnstown Tomahawks.

TheTomablog’s Twitter and Facebook pages continue to get more and more followers, and I feel that I owe those readers some new content. They’re just like me, die hard hockey fans, looking for all the information on their favorite hockey team that they can get.

So, I have to write something, and this is what I’ve come up with. Over the next season I’ll be adding new content to Thetomablog. You’ll be able to find the classics like, the Attendance report, and Alumni Stats (Where are they now), but you’ll also find new articles on the site.

For the first two years on this site, I wrote about all the breaking news, even breaking some news before The Tribune, or WJAC-TV got to it. I did player features, game previews, game reviews, the Slap Shot Then and Now post, and many other things.

I’m not going to be able to do all of that again. But what I can do is a little mix of it all into something new. When I say something new, what I really mean is, something new that you haven’t seen on the site before.

TheTomablog will move away from news reporting and move into Reviews and Columns. What does this mean?

Instead of doing game preview, and then at the end of the weekend reviewing everything, I’ll just be doing the reviewing at the end of each week. These reviews will be different, thought,  than telling you exactly what went on, play-by-play. Instead, it’ll flow a little more like a film review, telling you what was good about the weekend, what was bad, and my overall rating of the team and it’s performance for the week.

If you’re looking for more of straight up recaps, you’ll be able to find those on the team’s official website, or from the local newspaper.

I’ll also write columns on various things throughout the season. These will be articles that will be entertaining, informative, and based solely on my opinions. I already have a few ideas for stories. If you don’t agree with what I say, that’s perfectly fine, I’m sure some of the things I’ll write about you won’t agree with. There’s just a few things you need to remember.

  1. Though I like to cover the Johnstown Tomahawks, I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE TEAM IN ANY WAY. I have NEVER worked for the team. This is key to remember. I AM ONLY A FAN with a blog. Take that however you’d like, but don’t forget it. If I say something you don’t agree with, or say something you do agree with, it has nothing to do with the way the team official views things.
  2. You can start your own blog and write whatever you’d like. It’s pretty simple to do in fact. The hard part is the marketing and getting people to read.
  3. I can’t make any promises that I’ll be able to follow up on what I’m promising here. I might get an awesome project to write on, or one of my own, and it could take up all my time. But unlike times before, during this long break, I’m going to give it my best shot.

So, when can you start to see new content? Soon. I’m going to revamp the site (maybe even make a new one) and start adding new content. Since the Tomahawks don’t play until September, you won’t see game reviews until then, of course. I might write a little sample of a game review before that, just so you can get a taste of what I’ll be like.

Lastly, you can find me away from TheTomablog at a couple different places. I currently am a contributor at www.jeenuh.com where you can find some pretty funny content about anything and everything. The articles do contain strong language and themes.

You can check out my personal site at ww.jonkohan.com and read my blog. And if you’d like to follow me personally on social media, you can find me on Twitter @JonKohan or like my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/writerjonkohan

Okay, that’s everything for now. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait for the 2015-2016 Tomahawks’ season to get started.

Go Hawks.

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