October 29, 2014

TheTomablog Will Go On Partial Hiatus Beginning Immediately

After much consideration I have decided that Thetomablog.com will go on partial hiatus beginning immediately and last indefinitely.

I have several reason's why I have made this decision. One of the reason's is because of other creative opportunities I'm working on that is starting to take up more of my time. Another reason I'll share with you now. When I first started this blog I did it because I was already tweeting a lot about the Tomahawks and wanted to do something more than just tweet. 

Doing simple searches I found a lot of news and things that the team was up to that the local news wasn't reporting, nor was the team itself. I thought a blog would be a great way to share these stories and more.

I have run the blog adding to it in some way everyday since Feb 2013. There has been some help from people along the way but 99.9% of the work has been written/created by myself. Running a blog of any type takes a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of passion. They say "find something you love and you'll never work a day in your life". I find this to be very true. Sure, running the blog has been a ton of work but it's something I have loved to do, so I never had a problem with it.

Recently though it's become less fun and felt more like work. There's no one reason why it's turned this way, it just has. Instead of saying this is the end of the blog I'd rather just say I'm taking a break from it. Maybe it'll be for a week. Maybe it'll be for a month. Maybe it'll be longer. Right now I'm not sure.

I won't be taking a complete break from it. I'll still update the Alumni page every week. After every home game I'll update the Attendance report, and I'm still working on putting together "Slap Shot: Then and Now Part 2". Any BIG breaking news I'll tweet it to all my followers and Facebook friends as well. But as for Weekend Previews, Game Reviews, and other content, you won't be seeing anything new posted for a while.

The blog has reached over 100,000 views, and a lot of great followers on Twitter and Facebook. I didn't want to just continue producing content that wasn't as good as it could be just because it was time to post something new.

It has taken a ton of work to gain all my readers and by taking a break from the blog it means the blog will definitely lose some of those followers and readers, but I still think this is the right thing for me to do at this time.

I didn't have to post this message but decided any hardcore readers deserves to know why there won't be any new content for a while.

For any team news other than what I'll still be updating on the blog please check NAHL.com, Johnstowntomahawks.com, and the Tomahawks official Twitter and Facebook pages.

I'll still be attending all the games cheering on the Tomahawks and keeping a close eye on the team, I'll just be taking a break reporting on them for a while. Hope everyone understands.

Let's Go 'Hawks!

Jon Kohan a.k.a. TheTomablog

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Jamie Kenneally said...

Thank you for your dedication and hard work, Jon. We have been able to keep track of some of our favorite players because of you! Please know that your efforts are appreciated! We wish you the best in your new pursuits. We will keep an eye out for your posts, however sporadic they may be. Let's go, Hawks!!!