September 20, 2014

Tomahawks Defeated by Austin 8-2 (Game Review and Odessa Preview)

The Johnstown Tomahawks lost to the Austin Bruins yesterday by the score of 8-2. There's not much to say about it. Not many positives you can come up with about the performance in yesterday's game. This wasn't the worst game the Tomahawks have ever played. Last season they suffered a loss to the Michigan Warriors by the score of 9-3. Though, saying that doesn't take any sting out of the whooping the team took yesterday.

The Tomahawks now have a record of 1-3-0 on the young season and are 1-2 in the NAHL Showcase, with one game remaining, which will be played today at 10 am EST against Odessa. The season is young so we're not getting too upset if we lose, and we're not getting too high when we win. This team hasn't found itself and there is still lots of time to do so.

Luckily the North Division hasn't really played all that well this week in the Showcase, so the Tomahawks haven't dug themselves into a deep hole in the standings. After today's game though, the Tomahawks will play the North division the rest of the season, except for four games against Fairbanks, and four against Kenai River.

The next two weekends that the Tomahawks will play are taking place vs Michigan. Michigan themselves are having a tough go of things so fair in the season. Tomahawks need a win today vs Odessa to give themselves some confidence and a little momentum into the Michigan games.

If the Tomahawks can win today that'll give them a Showcase record of 2-2 which is plenty to be happy about.

Looking back at last night's game. It was a tough one to watch. Trevor Recktenwald scored the team's first goal of the game to make the score 3-1. The assists went to Alex Jaeckle and Tanner Barnes. The team's next goal came in the second period, a shot by Joe Drabin, to make the score 8-2.

Towards the end of the game there was a fight between Zach Zech and Brady Jones. This year the fighting penalties are stricter which automatically got Zech 15 minutes in penalties. Because the fight happened with less than five minutes Zech racked up a few more extra minutes for the fight, including an instigator penalty, an instigator misconduct, an instigator game-misconduct, and the ref threw in an attempt to injury penalty. That last one we can't tell you what exactly happened because the camera for fasthockey didn't pick it up.

Pretty safe to say that for at least today's game, Zech won't be playing.

Here's the full boxscore from NAHL here.

Are there any positives to this game? Well, the Tomahawks penalty kill was good as Austin went 0-8 on the power play.

The Tomahawks had three players that weren't minuses in the game. Osko, Jaeckle, and Drabin.

And of course, whenever you lose you can always use it as a learning experiences, and yesterday, from a viewers stand point, it looked like a full day of school was in-session

Note: Tomahawks went 0-7 on the power play which included a few 5-3 opportunities. The chances to get back into this game, or even, not let it get out of hand where there, it just didn't happen this time around.

Here's the Johnstown Tomahawks official preview of today's match up against Odessa.

Let's go Hawks!

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