September 3, 2014

Johnstown Tomahawks' and NAHL's North Division Rosters Take Shape

Only ten days remain until the 2014-2015 Johnstown Tomahawks take the ice vs the Keystone Ice Miners. Before Johnstown can invade Connellsville they have to have a group of players ready to suit up. Along with the rest of the NAHL the Johnstown Tomahawks have announced their initial roster, possibly with slight tweaks, heading into the season opener.

The roster at least for the time being will consist of the follow:

Goalies (3)

Brett Young, Ryan Bednard, and Jake Gwillim

Defensemen (8)

Ivan Osko, Shane Cuckovich, Steven Quagliata, Logan Hudson, Jake Houston, Brady Bender, Dakota Menslage, and Alex Jaeckle.

Forwards (17)

Collin Montgomery, Zander Sorenson, Andrew Romano, Peter Bates, Zac Robbins, Dalton Hunter, Cam Bleck, Tanner Barnes, Josh Bowes, Tommy Hall, Brendan Logan, Zach Zech, Ryan Bochet, Trevor Recktenwald, Luke Lynch, Garrision Sanipass, and Connor Eckenrod.

The roster has a franchise high seven players from Pennsylvania.

Sanipass leads the team in height standing at 6’5.

The roster has 10 veteran players who will be competing in their last season of junior hockey.

This year Johnstown will have three towers in net. Young and Bednard both standing at 6’4, while Gwillim, the short one of the bunch, stands only an inch smaller at 6’3,

Coming into the season, Johnstown appears on paper to have some great offensive talent, solid defense, and brickwall goaltending.

A team that has already shown brilliant flashes of what it can do offensively in two exhibition games this preseason, also is built with feistiness and team toughness. Zech, Hall, Sorenson, Sanipass, Hudson, Menslage, just to name a few of the players that aren’t just one dimensional players.

Since first entering the leauge, Johnstown will play a game before heading to the Showcase, and like the last two years, it’ll be vs. the Keystone Ice Miners (aka Port Huron Fighting Falcons). The Tomahawks have picked a point before going into the Showcase, but have never gone into the league wide tournament with a win.

This group of guys have the talent to do it, and in a little over a week we’ll finally see them take to the ice.

North Division Protected Rosters

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