April 7, 2014

Tomahawks Find Themselves in Hole Down 2-0 in Best-Of-Five Division Semi-Finals

The first round of the NAHL playoffs is a best-of-five series, which means the team that gets three wins moves on to the next round.

After the first two games in Port Huron this past weekend, the Fighting Falcons are up 2-0. One more win for Port Huron and they advance to the North Division Finals.

Johnstown now must find a way to battle back and win the next three games in a row. It'll be tough as the team has not won three games in a row since February 14-21, 2014. In those three games, the Tomahawks beat Michigan  (twice) and Wenatchee once.

Since that three game winning streak, the Tomahawks have played twelve games, winning only twice.

The good news is that Johnstown has played pretty well this season at home, and that's where game three, and possible game four, will take place.

Also, Johnstown only lost both games in Port Huron by one point and in game two they had a two goal lead at one point in the game.

Brett Young did not see much playing time during the regular season. In the few games he played he had a record of 0-5-0 and a save percentage of .867.

In hockey, a save percentage of .900 or above is considered good.

When Alex Okicki could not play due to injury, Johnstown turned to Young, who is still trying to find his game and his first win in the NAHL. The team and coaching staff have confidence in the goaltender, but up to this point he has not played up to his potential.

Young still hasn't found his first win yet, and after two playoff games has a record of 0-2, but he has stood on his head giving his team every chance to win.

Young currently has a save percentage of .920. That save percentage is better than Milosek's (.905) or Blankenburgh's (.917).

You've got to believe that each game Young plays in will only build his confidence, and if Johnstown can find a way to keep living for another day, this could be bad news for Port Huron when it comes to trying to put pucks passed Young.

Johnstown is 0 for 5 on the power play after the first two games, and Port Huron is 1 for 10. All season long Johnstown's penalty kill has not been that great but has looked much better in the playoffs.

Johnstown needs to get the power play clicking in the playoffs and score on their chances. This can give them that extra punch to even the series.

In game one Johnstown lost by the score of 3-2. They had goals from Tanner Barnes and Jordan Watt.

In game, two Johnstown lost in overtime by the score of 4-3. They had goals from Watt, Reinholz, and Recktenwald.

Again, taking a look at things in a "glass half full" way, the Tomahawks' regular season point leader, Shane Bednard has yet to register a point. Nor has Matt Meier, but if these two players pick up a few points on top of Watt and Reinholz's production, that can only mean good things for the Tomahawks.

The Tomahawks did not get outplayed in Port Huron which makes us believe that they've still got a chance to send this back to Port Huron for a game five.

On Friday the Tomahawks' have to lay everything on the line because that's just what's on the line, everything. Win, and they live to play again on Saturday night. Lose, and that's a wrap on the 2013-2014 season.

Game 1- Port Huron 3-2 (boxscore, Press Release)
Game 2- Port Huron 4-3 OT (boxscore, Press Release)

In the other North Division series, Michigan is up 2-0 over Janesville.

Game 1- Michigan 4-2 (boxscore)
Game 2- Michigan 5-1 (boxscore)

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