March 10, 2014

Johnstown Drops Two Against Janesville at Home

The Tomahawks' have seven games remaining in their 2013-2014 season, and these will be some of the biggest games the team has ever played in their short history.

All remaining games are against teams below them in the standings. If the Tomahawks' continue to struggle and play the way they have been in recent games it's a real reality that the Tomahawks might miss the playoffs.

After getting swept by Michigan, Johnstown returned home to face the Janesville Jets. The Jets came into the weekend one game above .500.

The Jets have a few good players that stood out this weekend and as a team they have decent size. Jordan Himley, Robin Hoglund, Zach Avolio, and Tyler Rehm are all players that first come to mind.

The best player on the ice though, hands down, was the Jets' goaltender Logan Halladay. Halladay shutout the Tomahawks on Friday night, 2-0. Then on Saturday night picked up his second win, 2-1.

Halladay came up with some huge saves on Saturday night to keep the lead for his team, including several breakaway saves.

On the Tomahawks end the best player all weekend was Alex Okicki. Okicki gave the team a chance to win and for most of both games was the only reason Johnstown kept things close.

On this site, we try not too get too crazy when we win, and we try and do the same thing when the team loses.

This isn't the end of the world after this weekend. The team is still in a playoff spot. But, there's no doubt that the team needs to find their game and find it quick.

It's hard to decide if Janesville played a good weekend vs. the Tomahawks, or if the Tomahawks' just played bad.

We've seen how well Johnstown can play this season. When the Tomahawks are on their game, they are dominate. The problem this season has been the team finding their game, and playing it.

Too many times this season this team has waited until the third period to get to their game.

When the Tomahawks use their speed, they simply can skate around teams. When they use a high tempo, high speed breakout, they dominate the opposition.

That didn't happen this weekend. The breakout was very slow. There seemed to be too much "watching" the play instead of being a part of it. Too much, what we call pee wee hockey.

What do we mean? As soon as a player would get the puck he would get rid of it, without making a good pass, or a pass to anyone in general.

Shane Cuckovich scored on Saturday night and was a perfect example of what happens when you keep moving your feet. Cuckovich beat the defenders and placed a great shot on net, beating Halladay.

Shane Bednard continues to show what good speed in the neutral zone does.

Johnstown heads to Springfield this upcoming weekend. If Johnstown can use their speed, get the puck deep, and make smart hockey plays, there's no reason the team can't sweep the Jr. Blues and get back on the winning path.

The time is now for the Tomahawks. Fate is in their hands. This last couple of weeks we'll see exactly what this team is made of and we know that they can get the job done. So let's hope that they do.

Janesville 2-0 F (boxscore, official press release)
Janesville 2-1 F (boxscore, official press release)

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