March 20, 2014

BIG Weekend vs. Soo Eagles and Last Home Game for Seven Tomahawks' Players

It's finally here. The last homestand of the season. It feels like just yesterday the season started, and we're already about to end the second full season of hockey back in Johnstown.

Instead of the typical two game weekend, this will be a three game weekend which will give everyone a chance to catch at least one last game.

The Soo Eagles come to Johnstown as the last place team in the North Division but are still in the playoff hunt.

This could be a make or break weekend for the Tomahawks in regards to their playoff chances.

Other than the 9-4 loss to the Warriors a few weeks ago, the Tomahawks have held the opponent to two goals per game (one 3 goal game came in a shootout). If the Tomahawks can continue to play well in their own zone, and find a way to start scoring goals, there's no reason the team can't end the regular season strong, and maybe on a winning streak.

Johnstown and Soo play each other three times, and then Johnstown wraps up the season in Janesville with two games vs. the Jets next weekend.

Johnstown and Soo have played against each other a total of nine times this season. In those nine games, Johnstown is 4-5.

Should be an exciting weekend of hockey with a lot of playoff implications. Don't forget it's also Fan Appreciation Weekend so Johnstown should have three big crowds and the War Memorial will be rocking.

Last Home Games for Seven 93 Birth Year Players:

Since this is the last homestand of the season, this is also your last chance to see seven Tomahawks' players who are in their last year of junior hockey.

1. Alex Okicki

Tami Knopsnyder 2014 copyright
When the Kalamazoo Jr. K-Wings folded last season we said on this blog that Okicki is a player we'd love to pick up.

When tryouts started for the team, there was Okicki's name on the roster, and we couldn't have been more excited.

Okicki has played great for Johnstown, and if the team could have scored a few more goals these past few games, he'd have well over 20 wins this season with the team.

Currently, Okicki is 19-5-1-2 with 4 shutouts. He also has a GAA of 2.53 and a save percentage of .919. Last season Johnstown's goaltenders combined to post two shutouts, one by Truehl and one by Brennan.

Overal Okicki has an NAHL record of 52-35-7-2 with 8 shutouts. His career GAA is 2.62 and save percentage of .919, with five games remaining this season.

Okicki is currently the leader in All-Time wins for the Tomahawks as Chris Truehl last season posted 17 with the team.

The number one goalie next season is going to have some big shoes, or should we say, skates to fill in net for the Tomahawks.

2. Cody Bentzel

Tami Knopsnyder 2014 copyright
When next season begins, it's going to be weird not seeing Bentzel out on the ice for the Tomahawks. Bentzel has been with the team both years the 'Hawks have been in Johnstown.

For being one of the team's biggest players, you don't always notice him on the ice, but as a defenseman that's a good thing.

Bentzel has been a solid d-man for the Tomahawks, as well as someone that can help on the offensive side of the puck now and then.

Bentzel has also done a great job sticking up for his teammates dropping the gloves when need be.

With five games left, Bentzel has played a total of 104 games for the Tomahawks, scoring 3 goals, 10 assists, good for 13 points, 124 penalty minutes and is a -9 (only a minus 1 this season).

3. Mitch Hall

Tami Knopsnyder 2014 copyright
Last season Hall was brought to the team via a trade with the Jamestown Ironmen. As soon as he got to Johnstown he helped the team on both sides of the puck, scoring 13 points in 22 games. While playing for the Ironmen he only registered 3 points in 22 games.

When Johnstown's top offensive-defenseman begun his college career, Casey Nelson, the Tomahawks needed someone to fill his role. Hall has done that, and more.

This season he's had a record year scoring 36 points in 54 games. In total he's played 100 NAHL games, scoring 10 goals, 42 assists, good for 52 points, has 76 penalty minutes, and a very healthy plus 25.

A great skater, who can play at both ends of the ice, Johnstown will miss his services next season.

4. Tyler Basham

This was the only season Basham played in the NAHL, appearing in 51 games (five remaining) with the Tomahawks. In that time he's scored 4 goals, 8 assists, good for 12 points, 30 penalty minutes, and is currently a  minus 5.

Basham is one of Johnstown's import players from Canada.

This season Basham has been most deadly in the shutout were he is 3 for 5.

5. Zach Wallace

Tami Knopsnyder 2014 copyright
Wallace is another player that's played two seasons with the Tomahawks, but he started last season playing for Fresno before he was traded to Johnstown at the beginning of the season.

Wallace has been a hard-working grinding type of play for Johnstown, who also has been able to chip in offensively.

Wallace has played three season in the NAHL, two for Johnstown and one for Fresno. In 165 games he's scored 18 goals, 41 assists, good for 59 points, 91 penalty minutes, and is a plus 16.

Wallace handles the puck well and never gives up on a play.

6.  Jordan Watt

Tami Knopsnyder 2014 Copyright
Watt has played two seasons in Johnstown. Before the team relocated to the city he for the Alaska Avalanche, the team that became the Tomahawks.

He is only six points behind last year's total of 37.

That's pretty impressive considering last season he played most of the year on the top line with Gylling and Kontny, both of whom are not on this years team.

Having new linemates and not on the top line, Watt has still been able to score 31 points.

His biggest highlights on the season were his back-to-back hattrick nights vs. the Michigan and Wenatchee.

Total Watt has played in 154 NAHL games, scoring 49 goals, 41 assists, good for 90 points, 60 penalty minutes, and is a minus 2.

Another player that will be missed next season.

7. Brandon Reinholz.

Tami Knopsnyder 2014 copyright
Reinholz goes down in the Tomahawks' history books as the first player to drop the gloves at Home since the team moved to town. It didn't take him long as he did this feat vs. the Michigan Warriors in the team's first home game.

Not only has Reinholz been a physical presence on the team but he's been able to be a leader in scoring and has been a team captain.

Our biggest knock on him last season was him not being able to control his temper at times on the ice, which caused him to be ejected a total of five times.

This season, Reinholz has fixed that part of his game and has yet to be ejected this season.

Reinholz's only time in the NAHL has been his two full seasons with the Tomahawks. In a total of 107 games he has scored, 35 goals, 31 assists, good for 66 points, has 218 penalty minutes, and is a minus 1 overall with the Tomahawks.

He was also able to play with childhood friend, Mitch Hall the last two season with the Tomahawks.

Reinholz is yet another player that will be missed in a Johnstown uniform.

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We're of course rooting for Johnstown, but we're also rooting this weekend for Michigan and Topeka.


Soo at Johnstown
Janesville at Michigan
Springfield at Topeka


Soo at Johnstown
Janesville at Michigan
Springfield at Topeka


Soo at Johnstown


Janesville at Springfield


Port Huron at Michigan


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