March 13, 2014

Big Four Points on the Line in Springfield, and Contest to Win Free Tickets

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Sure, we're still in the regular season but because of the tight race to the finish these last few games are very much like playoff games for the Johnstown Tomahawks.

This weekend the Tomahawks head to Springfield to take on the Jr Blues. This is the last time the two teams will play each other this season.

This season Johnstown is 4-2 vs. Springfield. The two losses came at Springfield.

Springfield comes into the weekend with a record of 22-24-7 which is good for 51 points and last place in the North Division. Though the Jr. Blues are in last place they are only four points back from fourth, and the  last playoff spot.

Johnstown comes into the weekend in 3rd place with a record of 26-23-4, which is good for 56 points. Johnstown is only two points away from dropping out of a playoff spot.

So as you can this weekend has a lot on the line, as does the rest of the 2013-2014 season.

Johnstown needs to win these important games and during the weekend review for last weekend we talked about the things we feel the team needs to do, and to do better to get back on the winning track.

Johnstown is 0-4-1 in their last five games. Springfield is 2-3-0.

Last Meetings:

10-5-2013- Johnstown 3-2 F
10-6-2013- Johnstown 3-2 F SO
11-8-2013- Johnstown 5-1 F
11-9-2013- Johnstown 6-5 F
1-10-2014- Springfield 5-4 F
1-11-2014- Springfield 4-2 F

Head to Head Stats:




North Division Schedule:


Johnstown at Springfield
Michigan at Janesville


Johnstown at Springfield
Michigan at Janesville
Soo at Port Huron


Soo at Port Huron

This weekend we're rooting for Port Huron and Michigan to win their games to give Johnstown some breathing room in the standings from Janesville and Soo, both of whom the Tomahawks still play this season.

Contest: Four Free Tickets:

Last weekend we held a contest to give away two free tickets. At the end of that contest nobody had won so we're holding another contest, and this time we'll be giving away a total of four tickets. Here's the rules and how you play.

1. Head over to our Twitter or Facebook page.
2. Tell us who you think we'll score first for the Tomahawks on Friday Night.
3. Tell us during what period and what time that player will score.
4. Deadline to make your guess will be 7pm est.
Two Free tickets on up for Grabs.

Then on Saturday night we'll hold the same contest and ask who you think we'll score the Tomahawks first goal on Saturday night. That deadline will also be 7pm.


Let's say I think Jordan Watt will score first on Friday night, in the first period, around two minutes into the game. Tweet or send us a comment like this:

Watt, 1st period, 2:05

It's that simple.

The person that guesses the correct player wins!

You can guess as many times as you'd like, but only once with the same player.

The reason we ask you for the period and time, it'll be used as a tie breaker if several people guess the right player. First we'll go by period and then by time of goal. The person closest to the correct time without going over wins.

At the end of Friday night's game, you can then begin to make your predictions for Saturday night's game.

If nobody wins we will randomly select two winners from each night to win the tickets.

So please start making your predictions now for Friday night's game, and tell your friends also to play, as this will be the last chance to see the Tomahawks at home this regular season.


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