February 20, 2014

Wenatchee Wild vs. the Johnstown Tomahawks Weekend Preview

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The Johnstown Tomahawks and Wenatchee Wild are getting ready to faceoff against each other for the last time this regular season. The two teams will have played a total of eight times after this weekend.

Johnstown has yet to play in division Janesville Jets, and when they do they'll only play them a total of four times.

But we're not complaining about having to play the Wild, as it's nice to see an out-of-division team come to Johnstown, and the two teams have built a nice little rivalry against each other.

Both teams come into this weekend's pair of game with almost identical records. Wenatchee is 24-19-6 good for 54 points and fourth in the Midwest division. Johnstown has a record of 25-19-3 with 53 points, which is good for third in the North division.

The games earlier this season where hard-hitting, fast-pace style of hockey. Now that the two team's seasons are winding down, and they're battling for better division placement, you can expect an all out war.

Wenatchee is below .500 this season on the road with a record of 11-14-3, while Johnstown has played well in front of the home fans, holding a record of 14-8-1.

Johnstown needs to make sure they play a disciplined game like they did last weekend against the Warriors as Wenatchee has the league's 3rd best power play (19.8%).

Johnstown is on a three game winning streak and have at least a point in their last four games.

Wenatchee is on a two game winning streak and have at least a point in their last three games.

These two teams couldn't be anymore even matched.

Here's a look at the previous meetings this season, and even in the head-to-head match-ups neither team has been able to dominate the other.

This is also the first time Tanner Barnes and Omar Mullan face their former teams.

Should be a great weekend of hockey in Johnstown.

November 15- Johnstown 6-4 F 
November 16- Wenatchee 5-1 F 
November 30- Wenatchee 4-3 F SO 
December 1- Johnstown 3-2 F 
December 6- Wenatchee 2-1 F 
December 7- Johnstown 5-4 F SO 

Player Stats Head-to-Head




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