November 16, 2013

Tomahawks Split Weekend with Wenatchee

Both games this weekend were hard hitting physical games. These two teams have built a nice little rivalry against each other, for not playing each other that often.

On Friday the Tomahawks seemed to score at will and played a back and forth game. On Saturday, Johnstown just couldn't get anything going. Wenatchee outshot Johnstown 42-12.

You could say that Johnstown was just plain old bad on Saturday night, which could be true to a certain point, but the Wild are a better team then their current record indicates.

Coach Littler is a great coach, and after Friday's game you knew he'd have his team ready for Saturday night.

Wenatchee played great defense and kept Johnstown from ever building any sort of offensive zone pressure.

You can check out the boxscore for tonight's game for yourself.

Here's our overall thoughts on the weekend:

---Jake Moore made some really great saves all weekend long. Moore does seem have a problem controlling rebounds, which lead to many of the goals. We're sure it's something he's working on, and when he learns to kick pucks to the corner or keep them, he'll be a lights out goaltender.

---The line of Mullan, Bednard, and Recktenwald keeps clicking. They're a fun line to watch on the ice. Seems that Bednard is becoming a new fan favorite for the 2013-2014 season.

---Tomahawks were 0 for 5 on the power play this weekend. You can see that they're missing a player like Casey Nelson on the blue line when on the man advantage.

---Good crowds both nights this weekend which is great to see. Hopefully a lot of fans come out next weekend before the team heads to the road for about a month.

---Not sure why all the War Memorial lights were on this weekend. The standings were a little bit too bright. Also, let's turn down the heat just a little.

---Alex Jaeckle committed to play for Air Force. That makes our second player this season to commit to play college hockey. Jaeckle will join former Tomahawks' goaltender Chris Truehl on Air Force's roster.

---After we play Port Huron next weekend, we travel to Wenatchee to play them two weekends in a row--back to back. Should make for some pretty interesting hockey.

---Interesting--fun stat. When we cover the Tomahawks for the Tribune-Democrat his season the team is 4-0.

North Division Scoreboard:

Soo 0
Michigan 4 F boxscore

Port Huron 10
Janesville 4 F boxscore

Springfield 4
Coulee Region 1 F boxscore

Current Standings:
(click to enlarge)
Does not include Springfield's two points from tonight as their game is still listed as unofficial.


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Anonymous said...

Rick Boyd did a good job putting the Tomahawks together. The skill level is much higher than last season's team. If tonight's game doesn't convince people that Jason Spence is the wrong coach for this team, nothing will. His entire game plan seemed to be to just run Wenatchee out of the rink. You saw the results tonight.

Jon Kohan said...

I agree that Boyd has put together a good team. I don't agree with your Spence statement. We could get into a little back and forth argument about this but that wouldn't get us anywhere. Plus we're all entitled to our own opinions.

Thanks for checking out the blog!