November 24, 2013

Johnstown Sweeps Port Huron

Team celebrate a goal on Friday night.
Photo by: Tami Knopsnyder 2013 Copyright
Johnstown found a way both nights this weekend to take all four points, closing out their 11-game homestand on a high note.
Port Huron came into the weekend with a ten game point streak, which the Tomahawks broke.Alex Blankenburg had a perfect record, 9-0, which the Tomahawks ended.

Port Huron had not lost a game all season when leading after two periods, which the Tomahawks' broke on Saturday night as well.

This was a great weekend for the team, and now they will take their momentum on the road, where they'll travel to Wenatchee and play four games, in the next two weeks.

They'll then head back east to take on Michigan, before playing Michigan again, only this time at home for New Year's Eve.

But before we look deeper into the upcoming games, let's take a look at this great weekend.

Friday Night:

Johnstown 4  Port Huron 3 F

Full Boxscore



Johnstown - Zach Wallace (Jordan Watt, Joe Drabin) 11:22
Johnstown - Brandon Reinholz (power play) (Shane Bednard, Mitch Hall) 15:30
Port Huron - Logan Lambdin (power play) (Lucas Little, Zach Badalamenti) 1:36
Port Huron - Logan Lambdin (Niko Coffman, Zach Badalamenti) 6:03
Johnstown - Mitch Hall (power play) (Jordan Watt) 2:42
Johnstown - Matthew Meier (power play) (Trevor Recktenwald, Jordan Watt) 4:05
Port Huron - Niko Coffman (Matt Seidel, Jonathan Kopacka) 8:05

Notes and Thoughts:

---Johnstown went 3 for 4 on the power play.

---Johnstown outshot Port Huron 44-28.

---Jordan Watt had a three point night. It's great to see his hard work pay off. Last season he was third on the team in scoring and that production has gone down this year. His former line mates, Gylling and Kontny aren't on the team this season and that has something to do with his production. This was Watt's second multi-point night of the season.

---The game wasn't as mean as past game's between the two teams, but there was still some great action.

----Mitch Hall had a two point night. He now has more points this season, and in less games, than his totals last year.


Johnstown 3 Port Huron 2 SO Final

Full Boxscore



Port Huron - Mitch Maloney (Jonathan Kopacka, Bryan Yim) 11:54
Port Huron - Mitch Maloney (power play) (Jonathan Kopacka) 15:24
Johnstown - Forest Donovan (Joe Drabin) 16:08
Johnstown - Zach Wallace (Omar Mullan, Mitch Hall) 1:32

Notes and Thoughts:

---The Tomahawks' didn't play a great game but found a way to get the job done.

---Johnstown's first goal, which brought the teddy bears flying onto the ice was scored by Forest Donovan, his first goal of the season, and first goal in the NAHL.

---Zach Wallace always hustles and that lead to the game tying goal.

---Wallace then had a great move in the shootout to beat Milosek. After the game Milosek was spotted in the party pit looking for his jock.

---Johnstown is now 4-1 in shootouts. Johnstown has never been this good in shootouts, which is nice to see.

---Again, terrible officiating, for both sides.

Current Standings:
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Scoring and Goaltending Leaders:
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Final Thoughts:

Johnstown is on a pretty good roll right now. If the team can figure out how to play a full 60-minutes every game, watch out.

Johnstown is now 14-9-1, good for 2nd place.

In a perfect world, the people complaining about the team, would now use their voice to complement them on how the team is winning. Again, in a perfect world. We'll be ready when the Tomahawks' lose again, to hear from them, but hopefully that isn't for a while.

Wenatchee is 7-3-1 at home this season, so these next four games are going to be tough, but we beat Port Huron, and they're a much better team than the Wild are. Of course we'll have the Johnstown vs. Wenatchee weekend preview later this week.

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Great to get four points against not only a great team, but a team that's had our number since we've entered the NAHL. Hopefully there's more beating the Fighting Falcons in the future.


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Photo by: Tami Knopsnyder 2013 Copyright


Anonymous said...

The Tomahawks played their hearts out this weekend and came away with two very impressive victories. Having the players greeting the fans as we left the War Memorial was a very nice touch on Saturday. My family and I enjoy attending every game and am looking forward to December 30 and 31. Alan

Jon Kohan said...

The New Year's Eve games in Johnstown are always rocking, so we can't wait.

The Tomahawks met with fans like they did on Saturday night a few times last year. The front office and players really understand how to show love for the fans.

Class acts all the way.

Anonymous said...

What frustrates some fans is, unlike last season, the Tomahawks have more than enough talent to finish off any team in the league. Also unlike last season, for whatever reason, the Tomahawks haven't been able to give consistent, all-out efforts for every game this season. Their never quit, 100% work ethic attitude last season is what won fans over to the junior hockey game. Yes, this was a very good weekend. Here's hoping they can some how find a way to play like this every weekend. If that can happen, the Tomahawks can be an elite team in the NAHL.