October 26, 2013

Soo Wins Physical Back and Forth Game, 4-3

There were no shutouts in tonight's game, but there were goals, big hits, and heated exchanges.

Johnstown got on the board first only 3:51 into the first period after Trevor Recktenwald picked up some lose garbage in front of the net and beat Colin Brennan with the shot. The assist went to Tyler Basham.

After Johnstown's first goal, Soo would storm back scoring the next three in a row before the period ended.

Right before Soo took the 3-1 lead, Dakoda Menslage dropped the gloves with Soo's Filip Winkler. Winkler had the upper hand early in the fight, but Menslage quickly turned the fight to his side, finishing Winkler off with 100 uppercuts.

In the second period Johnstown picked up the hitting and upped their speed. This led to Johnstown carrying most of the play during the second period, and had Soo doing everything they could to hold onto their lead.

After picking up the puck in the neutral zone, Joe Drabin skated down the ice and once at the top of the right faceoff circle, fired a shot over Brennan's glove, making the game 3-2 Soo.

Still placing a lot of pressure on Soo, Jordan Watt skated hard with the puck towards the net. He quickly shot the puck and then ran into Brennan, making him fall to the ice. This lead to a major pile up in the goal crease as both Soo and Johnstown players came to their teammates' rescue.

During the scrum, Omar Mullan and Ryan Urso found themselves battling with each other. When things dyed down the penalties were dished out. Watt received a two minute charging penalty. Urso was given a Game Ejection. The boxscore indicates it was for unsportsmanlike conduct. At the arena it was announced via the PA system as a Game Ejection for an Ethnic Slur.

Johnstown tied the game up half way through the second period from another goal from Joe Drabin. The assists went to Mitch Hall and Brady Bender.

In the third period both teams exchanged scoring chances and though the hitting continued, both teams stayed disciplined. A little over five minutes left, Soo broke the tie off a fluky goal from Mike Sabatini. The puck seemed to hit Sabatini's skate and sneak through Okicki's five hole.

The Tomahawks' mounted good pressure and even pulled the goalie, but it's wasn't enough, and Soo was able to hold on to the 4-3 lead for victory.

The game was over, the physical stuff wasn't over just yet. When the buzzer sounded, Bednard and another Johnstown player had a Soo player tied up by the net. As the Soo's bench emptied, a player went over to Bednard and celebrated in his face. Bednard pushed him, and a small fight began.

The Tomahawks already off the bench, noticed, and all skated down to the Soo's end. The officials did their best to keep the teams separated. Soo players were cheering a little more harder just to see if they could get under Johnstown's skin.

Trevor Recktenwald looked to try and head towards Brennan who was making gestures "good bye" to the Tomahawks. Recktenwald was grabbed by a linesman before anything could continue. Both teams jawed at each other till both teams left the ice.

The ref didn't call any penalties on the play. Most likely because the game was already over. However, if he would have handed out fighting majors, they would have come with automatic suspensions, as the NAHL has a rule about fighting with less than five minutes to go in a hockey game.

We understand why Brennan was happy and decided to celebrate a little more than he would have any other time. He just picked up another win vs. the team that released him. We get it. With that said, he acted like he had just won the Stanley Cup, World Series, a Gold Metal, and the lottery all at the same time.

We found it a little over the top, and the Tomahawks' player seemed too as well.



Johnstown - Trevor Recktenwald (Tyler Basham) 3:51
Soo - Jacob McDowell (Bruno Birzitis) 5:00
Soo - Denver Pierce (unassisted) 5:59
Soo - Ryan Urso (power play) (AJ Jarosz) 14:58


Johnstown - Joe Drabin (Brandon Reinholz) 4:05
Johnstown - Joe Drabin (Mitch Hall, Brady Bender) 10:05


Soo - Mike Sabatini (Jeremy Norway, Jacob McDowell) 14:45

Full Boxscore


Johnstown was 0 for 2 on the power play and Soo was 1 for 4.

Johnstown outshot Soo 29-23.

Colin Brennan picked up the win. He's now 4-2-2 on the season.

Alex Okicki got the loss and he's record is now 6-5-0.

Johnstown is back in action next weekend at home to take on the Port Huron Fighting Falcons, Saturday and Sunday.


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Anonymous said...

The bottom line, the Tomahawks picked up only 2 out of 6 points this weekend. Let's be honest, the Hawks didn't show up at all Thursday, they played maybe their best game of the season Friday, and played well only during the second period tonight. Soo controlled the play for most of the 3rd period. For Johnstown to get only 5 shots on goal the 3rd period,during a tied game at home in front of a good crowd, should be unacceptable. We were told last season that the Tomahawks just didn't have the talent. We were told that lack of talent would not be the problem this season. The team already has a losing record at home again this season. Attendance has dropped from last season. If the Tomahawks supposedly have the talent this year, but are getting the same mediocre results, then the problem has to be the coaching. How long of a leash does Jason Spence have? How patient will the Bouchards be? We saw Friday night that when the Tomahawks play hard for 60 minutes, they can be a dominant team. The only problem is, they don't do it very often. Next weekend will be even more difficult having to play Port Huron.

Anonymous said...

This is a team where skill is under valued and physical play is all that matters. They play a grind and hit style of defensive hockey which is just boring. It's no fun to watch and leaves fans frustrated. They have (or had) talent but they just don't use it. Our season tickets are in the trash.

Anonymous said...

To make matters worse, Soo hadn't won a road game until they came to Johnstown.

Jon Kohan said...

Everyone who's made a comment, thank you. Instead of replying in the comment seconds about some valid points you've brought up, I've decided to write a new post about these issue. Look for that in the next few days.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

The Jamestown Ironmen proved last season that you can play physical hockey, plus win. They came within a couple of games of winning the Robertson Cup. I don't mind the physical play, but they usually look like they aren't even playing any type of system.