October 24, 2013

Brennan Gets Revenge, Soo Wins 3-0

Johnstown didn't play last week. Soo did and had to make a 12 hour bus ride to Johnstown. Yet the Eagles were able to play a much better game and beat the Tomahawks 3-0. This was the first time Colin Brennan played against his former team, in Johnstown, and he completely shut the door getting the shutout.

Johnstown didn't play well at all tonight. The passing was off, no real good shots on net, not a lot of hitting, and a lot of individual play. The Tomahawks did seem to have good speed tonight, but that'll only take you so far.

Alex Okicki played an okay game and he really shouldn't be faulted for the loss. You can't win if you don't score. As much as we didn't like Brennan (nothing personal) he got the job done tonight, making things look easy against his former team.

You knew coming into the game that Colin was probably going to play and try to show Johnstown they made the wrong choice in releasing him. I don't think the team regrets the move, nor do I, but for at least one game, it bit Johnstown.

Soo doesn't look like the team they were last year, for obvious reasons, but one thing they did tonight, as they did last year, was that they took advantage of Johnstown's mistakes.

Luckily for the Tomahawks, the two teams battle again tomorrow night, so they don't have to think about this game for that long.



Soo - AJ Jarosz (Bradley Mueller, Mike Sabatini) 5:39


Soo - Mike Sabatini (power play) (Ryan Urso, Michael Caruso) 16:02


Soo - Jacob McDowell (Ryan Urso, Bruno Birzitis) 11:39

Johnstown was 0 for 5 on the power play, while Soo was 1 for 6.

Soo outshot Johnstown 23-19.

There were no fights in the game.

Full NAHL Boxscore

Colin Brennan, with the win now improves to, 3-2-2, a GAA of 2.38, and a save percentage of .923.

Alex Okicki's record now drops to 5-4-0, a GAA of 2.42, and a save percentage of .911.


Colin DeAugustine will not be coming back to Johnstown for the rest of the season, as he was signed by Youngstown to spend the rest of the season with them in the USHL. He had a record of 2-2-1 while in Johnstown this season.

The attendance for tonight's game was 1,087. We'll probably post a rant about the Tomahawks attendance next week. We're disappointed by the turnouts so far this season, to say the least.

Tomahawks' players that didn't play tonight: Trevor Heuser, Eric Tien, Shane Cuckovich, Connor Gilmartin (injured), and Garrison Sanipass.

Three Stars of the Game:


3- Johnstown- Brandon Reinholz
2- Soo- AJ Jarosz
1- Soo- Colin Brennan

Our Picks

3- Soo- Ryan Urso (2 assists)
2- Soo- Mike Sabatini (1 goal, 1 assist)
1- Soo- Colin Brennan (19 saves, Shutout)

North Division Scoreboard:

Janesville 3
Coulee Region 6 F Boxscore

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Anonymous said...

As suspected Caruso returns in the spot made by Ward's USA Hockey roster deletion. New USAH Protected list still shows Hemstrom injured which is BS. Soo holding his rights so he can't play elsewhere. Thompson on USAH list but not in Johnstown with the team. Soo, just another NAHL team playing games with the system