September 9, 2013

Updated: Tomahawks' Home Opener Ticket Sales

Updated: New picture at the bottom of article. Uploaded 9/11/2013, 1pm.

It seems like it has taken forever, yet, it also seems like it was just yesterday we all were at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena watching the Tomahawks battling the Fighting Falcons.

Well it's that time again. A new season is upon us. We're officially at the start of the 2013-2014 season.

The team is looking to be a contender this season, and the front office staff has a lot of great promotions and in game entertainment planned for this season.

The first of course is opening night, this Saturday. We thought we'd put together a small article to keep you updated on the ticket sales for Saturday night's game. Last season, the building was sold out and hopefully WE can do that again this year.

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, or you know somebody that hasn't got their tickets yet, you can get them on of two ways.

1. Stop down at the War Memorial Box office.
326 Napoleon Street, Johnstown Pa 15901
Monday-Friday 10am to 4pm
Saturday- For events days only opening at noon until show time
Sunday-For events only

2. Ticketmaster

If you'd like more information on season tickets, flex plans, group tickets, luxury boxes, and anything else you, can visit the Tomahawks' website, or call the front office at 814-536-GOAL.

We've included a few pictures which you'll see below. These pictures are taken from Ticketmaster's website and show the seating chart, and more importantly the seats that are sold, and the ones that are still available.

For those interested in seeing if it'll be a sell out you can take a look at these picture which we'll try and update throughout the week. (but if we don't update them, you can also see the chart for yourself on

Note: Keep in mind that for whatever reason, Johnstown is a city that sales a lot of tickets on game day, even hours before the game. So the chart and the actual sales might look different when the puck drops.

Tell your friends, family, and anyone else you know to come down to the arena and pack the house.

P.S. Blue circle means available, gray circle mean sold. (click any picture to enlarge)



Anonymous said...

I'll have to say I'm very disappointed that this game is not close to being sold out. These boys played the butts off last year and they've done a hell of a lot in the community and this is how Johnstown rewards them. SMH!!!

Jon Kohan said...

As stated in the post, Johnstown for one reason or another, is very big on day of game sales.

This happened many times last season, and I predict this will be the case again this season.

Last year several, probably over a handful of games, were delayed to get the people in the doors and not miss any action.

It was that way for for the Chiefs as well. Why? That's just the way the people in town do things I guess.

We're not worried here at the blog and think when it comes to game time the place will be packed.

Eric Knopsnyder said...

I hope you're right Jon. As billet parents, we've been telling the guys for a month how passionate the fans are in Johnstown and how awesome the game-day experience is. They're really looking forward to the opener and to see what it's like to play for the NAHL's organization of the year. I hope the place is packed and we can exceed their expectations.