September 15, 2013

Game 2: Johnstown Tomahawks' lose 5-1 vs. Port Huron Fighting Falcons

Shane Bednard from last nights action. Photo Copyright 2013, by
Tami Knopsnyder
Today's game was a joke. The reason we say that is because the Tomahawks spent most of the game in the penalty box, some of which by their own doing and some of which coming from terrible officiating.

At the end of the day Port Huron went 4 for 11 on the power play and Johnstown went 0 for 4.

Port Huron's other goal came shorthanded.

The only Johnstown goal was scored by Collin Finkhouse, assisted by Shane Cuckovich in the second period, tying the game at one.

For only the second time in his career, Cody Gylling was involved in a fight after sticking up for his teammate, Shane Bednard, who took a punch to the side of the head, knocking off his helmet. The fight didn't last more than a few seconds as both players fell quickly to the ice.

Port Huron outshot Johnstown 34-23.

We'll have a new post tomorrow over on that takes a deeper look at all the action from this weekend in our "Weekend WrapUp" with series stats and much more.

Johnstown couldn't get much going this game and will look to the NAHL Showcase to pick up their first win of the season.

Newcomer Trevor Hesuer racked up 20 penalty minutes in today's game, getting into two fights during the game.

The story of this game was the amount of penalties called against Johnstown, and the lack of offense Johnstown was able to generate while skating even strength.

Alex Okicki was in net for the loss. He made 29 save on 34 shots. Okicki now has a record of 0-2-0 with a GAA of 3.54 and a save percentage of .873.

Max Milosek was in net for the win. He made 22 saves on 23 shots. Milosek improves to 2-0-0 with a GAA of 1.00 and a save percentage of .957.

Just remember, it's only two games, and there's a ton of hockey to be played. Hopefully the team can pick up a couple of wins during the showcase and get on the right track. With that being said, things aren't going to get any easier as the Tomahawks' will face the Amarillo Bulls, the defending NAHL Robertson Cup Champions, in the first game of the Showcase.


Griffin Leach was injured during the game and did not return. He left the game after taking what appeared to be a stick to the head.


NAHL Full Boxscore
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Anonymous said...

The referee was horrible, but the Tomahawks also looked lost at times on the ice. No offensive strategy at all. We were told that this team was more talented than last seasons. If that is true, then this weekends losses are on the coach. This team was not prepared.

Jon Kohan said...

The ref was horrible. I also agree that the team did look lost at times.

I won't make judgments on their play until at least the Showcase is over. The reason is because the last roster cuts haven't been made yet. Guys like Tien, Kessler, Manslage did not play in the second game.

Would that have made a difference? Probably not, once the final cuts can be made then players can make more of their regular roles on their team. Buy yes, you make very valid points.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

In being at the first 2 games I think this team lacks discipline. Coach Spence and the rest of his staff needs to get rid of the thug like mentality. With 79 minutes in 2 games they are on a pace of over 2300 penalty minutes for the year. This is a ridiculous about of penalties. All the hype that they went out and picked up all these high powered scorers and they have 2 goals in 2 games. One thing to remember you can't have a team with all scorers and expect to win. You need an even balance on your team. I think that you will see more moves after Minnesota. I don't see this getting better anytime soon. Can't always blame the refs when you are being out coached like you were last year! Just remember all the shootout loses and you'll know exactly what I mean!!!

Jon Kohan said...

You make good points and I can agree on most of it except for the "Thug like mentality". I don't think that's the cause.

Was there a few penalties they took that they shouldn't have? Yes. The cross checking, slashing, were ones I saw that had me thinking "what are you guys doing".

But the fights that happened I believe were all justified as the players were sticking up for their teammates.

I think the team will find their game on the road. They've got four in the showcase and then three in Soo. And hopefully that'll turn to a good home performance.

And they'll need to play better at home since the schedule is home heavy in the first half of the season.

Anonymous said...

How can the team score when the penalties place them in a defense mode for so much of the game? The skilled scorers were not on the ice at full strength long enough to get anything going. Why weren't any of the players benched for repeated penalties? Not fun games to watch. Disappointing.