September 14, 2013

Game 1: Port Huron Fighting Falcons Beats Johnstown Tomahawks, 3-1

One of the big stories coming out of tonight's game between the Johnstown Tomahawks and the Port Huron Fighting Falcons is the fact that the opening faceoff was pushed back by more than a half an hour. This was due to the heavy smoke buildup that filled the War Memorial from the team's opening ceremony fireworks.

When the game finally did get underway, the crowd of over 3,000 saw a pretty entertaining game. Unfortunately, at least for game one, too many of last year's storylines played out tonight vs. Port Huron.

The first story line is obvious by the final score, we still have a problem playing against the Fighting Falcons.

The second storyline is that we had a hard time staying out of the penalty box. In total Johnstown saw themselves with seven penalties against, while Port Huron only had two. Now yes, a couple of those calls weren't great, and some didn't go against Port Huron but at the end of the day (or game) they were still called.

Johnstown was tied for 3rd in the league last season in penalty minutes. Hopefully this is a trend the team can stop moving forward.

The third storyline was the Tomahawks having a tough time scoring goals. We'll give the team some leeway for now, as it's only the first game of the season.

Now the game wasn't all bad from what we saw tonight. This 2013-2014 team is much faster than last year's team. The team used the body well for the most part tonight also. Drabin and Bednard had some really good hits.

The defenseman are bigger and are all really good skaters.

This team seems to be gelling well together, as they stuck up for each other on more than one occasion tonight.

Here's the scoring:


Port Huron- Austin Romzek (Reed Scahill) 7:32
Johnstown- Zach Wallace (Tyler Basham, Jaycob McCombs) 8:43


Port Huron- Conner Enciso (Luscas Little) 13:01


Port Huron- Mitch Maloney (empty net) (Alex Archilbald) 19:53

There was one fight in tonight's game and it was Brandon Reinholz vs John Hall.

Port Huron  22
Johnstown  24

Okicki picked up the loss making 19 saves on 21 shots.

Milosek got the win, making 23 saves on 24 shots.

Full NAHL Boxscore

Final Thoughts:

Alex Okicki was run into a lot in tonight's game.

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Johnstown had good pressure at points during tonight's game where Port Huron couldn't get the puck out of the zone, but couldn't finish by scoring.

Tyler Basham is a little ball of energy and had a pretty good game.

Zach Wallace was Zach Wallace. (and that is a very good thing)

The Tomahawks' are back in action again tomorrow vs. the same Port Huron Fighting Falcons. Puck drop is 3pm at the War Memorial.

Tomorrow's game will be the last time Johnstown plays at home until October.


Media: Mike Mastovich has two articles in the Tribune Democrat today about last nights season opener.

Johnstown Tomahawks have their Game 2 preview written by Ed Sheets.


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Let's Go 'Hawks!

Note: JB Baker is in the lineup tonight for Rio Grande. Rio Grande won the game 2-1 in OT. Baker had no point in the game.

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