July 21, 2013

Johnstown's Main Camp Ice Schedule

After about three minutes of research we were able to find out the schedule for the Tomahawks' main camp this upcoming week. This might not be the exact schedule come July 25th, but this gives you an idea of what the team is thinking ice time wise.

Of course this is only one ice times, and doesn't take into account any off-ice workouts the players will be doing. Sunday's "All Stars" game will be open to the public. Also, all ice times are for Planet Ice, Johnstown Pa.

Updated: 7/23/2013

Camp Schedule
July 25th- 6pm to 9:50pm
July 26th- 9am to 11:50 am and 4pm to 6:50pm
July 27th- 8am to 9am and 9:10am to 12pm 
July 28th- 11am to 2pm Camp All Star Game (Only Time Open to Public)

After main camp is over, the city will only have to wait till September 14th to finally see some live regular season hockey.

We know we can't wait for hockey to get going again here at the blog.

We also have a new post on Juniorhockey titled Attendance Trends vs 2013-2014 Tomahawks Schedule.

We're also working on a post about the promotions we'd like to see for the 2013-2014 home games. That post should be up sometime this week. We'll keep you posted.

Till then...


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