July 17, 2013

Johnstown Tomahawks' 2013-2014 Regular Season Schedule

The anticipation for the NAHL regular season schedule is over, as the league has finally released it late tuesday. The schedule is interesting for sure.

Eric Knopsnyder has an article in the Tribune Democrat about the Tomahawks' portion. He also chatted with Jason Spence to get his take on what the team faces this year. It's worth the read.

Looking at the schedule, here's our take. After we give our input we'll show you the easy to read schedule we made just for the site.

  • If you like playoff style hockey, you're going to love this season. A lot of three game series.
  • Huge homestand. If you've got season tickets you're going to be at the arena a lot in the beginning of the season.
  • On the other side, with such a big homestand, there's going to be a lot of weekend's without any hockey in town.
  • We only play Janesville four times all season. All four games take in the last month of the season. We only play Springfield eight times. The thought behind this is because of the travel, but we find ourselves playing the Wenatchee Wild eight times, so that logic get's thrown out the window.
  • The Tomahawks are going to need a tough physical team this season.
  • The NAHL better be ready in the officiating department. With so many games against the same team's back-to-back, you can expect blood to boil a few times this season.
  • The team will have plenty of time to bond on road trips.
  • Johnstown will play, Soo, Port Huron, and Michigan a total of 12 times each. Last year the Tomahawks' had trouble with Port Huron and Michigan. If they have trouble with them this year, we won't make the playoffs.
Take a look for yourself. Tell us what you think about the schedule on our Twitter and Facebook Page.

Notes: Red line below the logo means home game. Blue line means away game. Yellow line means NAHL 2013 Showcase games.

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