June 1, 2013

We Unveil Our First Ever Tomablog Logos

Every business has a logo.

Every product has a logo.

Some people even have a logo, aka Prince.

When we started this blog we knew there would be a time when we needed a logo of our own. One of the reasons was to build our name. We want to be the go to place for fans of the Johnstown Tomahawks, but also the go to place for fans of hockey in general. We think we've done a pretty good job so far, but there's still room to improve.

We can't really just use the Tomahawks' logo as our own because, well, it's not ours. Plus, I think it would confused people, which site is which. Don't think that's an issue, well trust us, for some people it is.

How big can we make this blog? Who knows. A blog we check out a lot is Thepensblog.com and sure, they've got a bigger market, but we'd like to be able to do what they do someday. To get to that point and beyond, we need our own identity, while at the same time be recognizable to a first time reader, that the blog is dedicated to the Johnstown Tomahawks' and junior hockey.

So all of our logos will incorporate three main Tomahawks' colors, Red, White, and Blue.

You'll see these logos on our Facebook page, on our Twitter page, here on the blog, and we hope others will use them on their sites to direct traffic to ours.

We're not that good at drawling, nor do we have any money to have somebody design something for us, so we did the best we could. The logos are simple, but then again, some of the most well known logos are just that, simple.

So without dragging this along further, below are the first ever Tomablog logos.

Will we get rid of these in a month and move onto something better? Maybe. But for right now we think this will work for us and let us standout in the hockey blog universe.

If you'd like to have one of these logos to place on your Facebook, Twitter, website, etc. let us know and we'll give you any of the ones you see at the top. It's our hope that one day everybody will know the Tomahawks' logo, and the second logo everyone will be proud to show off is ours.

Let us know what you guys think, either with a comment here or on our Facebook page. If you don't like them, that's fine, we'll still listen to your thoughts, and maybe make improvements based on them, just don't be an A-hole about it.

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