June 15, 2013

Roster Update, Year in Reviews, Jason Spence, and More

Every once in a while we like to write a blog that's all about links. We do this incase you've missed something we've posted on here, on Juniorhockey.com, or if there's something on the internet we found that's interesting. We also do it when things are slow, news wise.

We are in the dog days of summer, so I guess this is a good time to share some links. First here's what's been going on at TheTomablog.


Johnstown Tomahawks Roster (as of 6-11-2013)- This is exactly what you think, we put together a spreadsheet of the current Tomahawks' roster. We'll be updating it as the season get's closer.

New, Relocated, and Ceased Teams- We take an in-depth look at all the new, relocated, and teams that folded for the upcoming 2013-2014 NAHL season.

Mike Gosnell

Year in Review- Janesville Jets- Gosnell takes a look back at the 2012-2013 Jets' team.

Year in Review- Jamestown Ironmen- A look back at the 2012-2013 Ironmen's team, who were north division champions.

Year in Review- Fresno Monsters- A look back at the 2012-2013 Monsters' team.

Year in Review- Fairbanks Ice Dogs- A look back at the 2012-2013 Ice Dogs team.

Give the East a Chance- Mike writes about how the NAHL should focus their expansion for the next couple of season, in the east.

Jon Kohan

Tomahawks Upgrade at Every Position During Draft- A look at the 2013 NAHL draft, and the Tomahawks' picks.

Get Out of Jail Free Card- A look at players with cages and penalty calls.

Official Johnstown Tomahawks' Links

An update from the Tomahawks Hockey Operations Offices- Suzanne Grove talked to head coach Jason Spence about tryouts, and Tommy Hall, Mitch Hall's brother, who is looking to make the team this season.

Tomahawks Continue Community Presence This Summer- Tomahawks will be out in the community at several events this summer.


Wenatchee Wild Den- The fans of the Wenatchee Wild have started their own blog. They don't have much up right now, but it looks like it's going to be a great blog. Check them out, as they are fans of our blog.


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