May 1, 2013

Tomahawks' Top Five Games of 2012-2013: Number 3

Each day this week we'll count down the top five games of this past season for the Johnstown Tomahawks. The list is only what we believe the best five games were, so if you have a different opinion, we'd love to hear about it. Comment below or you can leave a comment on our Facebook or Twitter page.


March 9th 2013
 Cambria County War Memorial Arena
Jamestown 3 Johnstown 2

This was a game Johnstown didn't win, but it sticks out in our minds because of the way the team battled. The Tomahawks had a short bench to start the game due to injuries, and in the course of the game would lose three others. Down 3-0 in the game, heading to the third period, Johnstown began to show what type of team they were.

1st Period:

The first period saw Jamestown score twice. The first goal was scored by Luc Gerdes assisted by Evan Ritt at the 5:00 mark. The second goal was scored by Ross Pavek, a power play goal, assisted by Victor Johansson at 16:17.

In between the two goals there were two major fights. The first happened at 8:15, when Boyd fought Ryan Urso. Then at 14:31, Jake Fairchild fought Joe Mottiqua. The penalties for the two players were as followed:

Joe Mottiqua (Jamestown)
2- Cross Checking
5- Fighting
10- Misconduct
Jake Fairchild (Johnstown)
2- High Sticking
2- Instigating
5- Fighting
10- Fighting Game Misconduct

Jake Fairchild was the first player for the Tomahawks to be thrown out of the game, but wouldn't be the last.

2nd Period:

Jamestown took a 3-0 lead only 19 seconds into the second period. The goal was scored by Ryan Doucet. The goal was unassisted.

It was the only goal of the period. The penalties though continued. Among several minor penalties, Jordan Watt, received a 10-minute misconduct for abuse of official at 15:03.

Then towards the end of the period, Jamestown's, Elliot Tisdale hit Casey Nelson from behind, sending him into the boards with a shoulder injury. Johnstown's, Ian Spencer came to Nelson's aid and fought Tisdale. Because of the hit, Nelson didn't return to the game. The penalties were as followed:

Elliot Tisdale (Jamestown)
5- Cross Checking
10- Cross Checking Game Misconduct
Ian Spencer (Johnstown)
2- Instigating
5- Fighting
10 Fighting Game Misconduct

Spencer, Fairchild, and Nelson were now all out of the game for Johnstown.

As the buzzer sounded, Jamestown's Tyler Minx kneed Mitch Kontny at the Tomahawks' blue line. Kontny needed help getting off the ice, and it looked like his night was over.

3rd Period:

To every one's amazement, Kontny was back on the ice to start the period, but could hardly put any weight on his injured leg. The Tomahawks began the period with only 13 players, not counting the two goalies, and excluding Watt, who was still in the box with his ten minute misconduct.

2:29 into the third, Johnstown got on the scoreboard. Andrew McDonald scored coming down the far side wall, with the assist coming from Mitch Hall.

The Tomahawks struck again at 11:51, JB Baker netted one past Joe Ballmer. The assists went to Zach Wallace, and Jesse Kessler.

The Tomahawks' continued to battle and out shot the Ironmen in the third period, 16-3. A lot of those chances came from Kontny, who on one leg, was trying to tie the game up for Johnstown.

With only seconds remaining, the puck somehow got onto Kontny's stick. The cage was wide open, Kontny pulled back to shoot the puck, when he was hooked down onto the ice.


And that was the game.

The fan's, though, gave the team a standing ovation, because of the heart the team showed to their hometown fans. Even though the Tomahawks' didn't come out on top the team showed they had a lot of heart and wouldn't stop playing until the final buzzer, and that's all a fan could ask for.

Three Stars of the Game:
3- Johnstown- Andrew McDonald
2- Johnstown- Zach Wallace
1- Jamestown- Joe Ballmer

Johnstown out shot Jamestown 32-24

Johnstown went 0 for 3 on the power play, and Jamestown went 0 for 5.

Chris Truehl got the loss for Johnstown, making 21 saves on 24 shots.

Attendance: 3,825

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