April 8, 2013

Year In Review: The Goalies

Each day we'll take a look back at the season, position by position. Today as the title states, we will look at the men who protected the net for the Tomahawks this season. We'll go in order of least played games to most played.


# 1 Matthew McLaughlin

McLaughlin spent all of training camp with Johnstown and was on the roster until his release on October 2nd, 2012, but only appeared in one game for the Tomahawks.

During the NAHL's Showcase, McLaughlin, saw just over thirty minutes of play in his first and only start with the Tomahawks, before being pulled in favor of backup, Chirs Truehl. McLaughlin stopped 12 of 16 shots. Truehl then entered the game and stopped 19 of 20 shots, picking up the Tomahawks first win in team history, in a shootout, 6-5 against Kenai River. Boxscore


Since Matt never played a game at home, I couldn't tell you if the numbers in his one appearance are misleading or if he wasn't really good enough for this level of hockey. Doing a long Internet search I could not find any information on where McLaughlin went to play after being released by the Tomahawks, if he played anywhere.

 # 35 Bodhi Engum

Engum was one of the many players that came to Johnstown from the Alaska Avalanche team. During the season before the team relocated to Johnstown, Engum had a record of 14-8-3, with a GAA of 2.93, and a save percentage of .884.

Engum though, upon coming to Johnstown, seemed to have a tough time making saves for Johnstown. One thing I noticed was how one moment he'd make a great big save only to allow a very easy goal go in next. Below shows you his game by game performance.

DateVsFinal ScoreMinutes PlayedGASASVSave%
9/8/2012at Port Huron4-3 OT Loss64:41:00432280.875
9/12/2012Brookings4-2 Loss60425210.84
9/15/2012at Corpus Christi5-3 Loss60520150.75
9/30/2012Michigan4-2 Win60222200.909
10/6/2012Janesville5-3 Win6031180.727
10/7/2012Janesville4-1 Win60117160.941
10/12/2012at Soo5-4 DNF33:34:00419150.789
10/27/2012at Kalamazoo5-4 DNF35:08:00421170.809

Engum finished with a good overall Win-Loss record but had a very poor save percentage, which lead to his release on January 15th 2013.


# 1 Colin Brennan


There seemed to be two Colin Brennan's this year. The first half was a Brennan that was on his A game and just what the team needed to backup Truehl. The second half was a Brennan that just couldn't get a win to save his life.

The Johnstown Tomahawks made a trade with the Janesville Jets to get Colin Brennan on September 27th 2012. Until the release of Engum, Johnstown was rolling with three goalies, as Spence was waiting for a goalie to step up to be his number one. During this time, Engum's game went downhill and Brennan was the guy saving the day.

In his first 11 games with the Tomahawks, Brennan posted a record of 6-3-2. In his last 11 games he went 1-5-4, and didn't get a decision in two other games.

Brennan is a decent sized goalie and he has pretty good movement in net. The one problem he has is that when he falls to make a save a lot of net opens up. If he can become a little bigger in net, some of the goals he gave up this season might not go in next year.

Overall, we'll give Brennan some slack, the team did go on a losing streak and was having a hard time scoring goals in that second half. If Brennan comes back next season, and with Truehl headed to college, hopefully he can become that number one guy for us.

Below is Brennan's game by game breakdown:

DateVsFinal ScoreMinutes PlayedGASASVSave%
10/14/2012at Michigan4-2 Win60229270.931
10/19/2012Soo3-2 Win60234320.941
10/20/2012Soo4-0 loss60425210.84
10/27/2012at Kalamazoo5-4 OTL25:25:001760.857
11/4/2012Springfield6-4 loss58:40:00526210.807
11/9/2012Kalamazoo4-3 win40321180.857
12/7/2012at Fresno6-1 win60126250.961
12/8/2012at Fresno4-3 win60335320.914
12/14/2012Jamestown5-0 win60019191
12/15/2012Jamestown1-0 loss60131300.967
12/22/2012at Port Huron4-3 loss58:30:00439350.897
12/31/2012Kalamazoo3-2 OTL65229270.931
1/5/2013at Michigan2-1 OTL65137360.972
1/6/2013at Michigan8-1 DNF37:56:00416120.75
1/11/2013Port Huron3-2 OTL65236340.944
1/12/2013Port Huron4-2 Loss20322190.863
1/26/2013at Soo5-4 DNF65435310.885
2/1/2013Port Huron5-4 loss24:19:001980.888
2/8/2013at Janesville4-3 OTL65323200.869
2/16/2013Wenatchee3-2 loss58:12:00328250.892
3/1/2013at Springfield4-2 Win60223210.913
3/2/2013at Springfield3-2 loss33:11:00325220.88

Brennan's overall record with Johnstown this season:


Any save percentage at or above .900 is consider good in the game of hockey. Seeing that Brennan overall has a save percentage of .906 shows that he is a good goalie and in the games he wins he is outstanding. If he can tighten up the amount of goals he allows in during losses, look out, he could be an all-star type of goalie.

 # 30 Chris Truehl

As we stated in another blog, just based on stats, Truehl has been the best goalie the city of Johnstown has seen since the 2005-2006 season, when Morgan Cey put up almost the same numbers.

Truehl started the season as the backup goalie to Bodhi Engum, and he ended the season as the Tomahawks number one starter. Truehl is the type of goalie that'll steal your team games and he did so multiple times this season.

During this season, Truehl made his college commitment to Air Force, which you can read about here. Not only was his play on the ice something to watch, but his work in the community made him a fan favorite. In fact Truehl was given the "Community Award" by the fan's of the Tomahawks during the Tomahawks Awards. You can see all the award winners here.

Truehl also goes into the Tomahawks' record books as recording the team's first win in franchise history, a 6-5 shootout win against Kenai River.

The longest losing streak Truehl went on this season was four games. Out of those four games, he was able to get three of them into overtime.

Below is Chris's game by game stats:

DateVsFinal ScoreMinutes PlaedGASASVSave%
9/9/2012at Port Huron4-2 loss59:14:00329260.896
9/13/2012Kenai River6-5 win34:05:00120190.95
9/14/2012at Austin5-4 OTL63:48:00525200.8
9/29/2012Michigan3-2 OTL65226240.923
10/12/2012at Soo5-4 OTL31:26:00017171
10/13/2012at Soo4-1 loss60448440.916
10/28/2012at Kalamazoo6-2 win60243410.953
11/3/2012Springfield4-3 OTL63:16:00426220.846
11/9/2012Kalamazoo4-3 -200661
11/10/2012Kalamazoo4-1 win60122210.954
11/23/2012at Jamestown5-3 win60333300.909
11/24/2012at Jamestown3-2 win60237350.945
11/30/2012at Wenatchee4-3 win60:48:00337340.918
12/1/2012at Wenatchee1-0 loss58:57:00139380.974
12/21/2012at Port Huron3-2 win60232300.937
12/30/2012Kalamazoo2-1 win60127260.962
1/4/2013at Michigan4-2 loss59:38:00334310.911
1/6/2013at Michigan8-1 loss22:04414100.714
1/12/2013Port Huron4-2 -39:35:00017171
1/13/2013Soo6-2 win60235330.942
1/18/2013Michigan3-1 loss59:48:00225230.92
1/19/2013Michigan3-2 win29-Feb226240.923
1/25/2013at Soo5-2 loss60539340.871
1/26/2013at Soo5-4 winshootout--- 
1/31/2013Port Huron3-2 win60226240.923
2/1/2013Port Huron5-4 -35:03:00421170.809
2/2/2013Soo5-4 loss59:02:00530250.833
2/9/2013at Janesville3-1 win60133320.969
2/15/2013Wenatchee3-1 loss59:30:00322190.863
2/22/2013Fresno3-2 OTL65233310.939
2/23/2013Fresno2-1 OTL65119180.947
3/2/2013at Springfield3-2 -25:29:00013131
3/8/2013Jamestown3-1 win60126250.961
3/9/2013Jamestown3-2 loss59:02:00324210.875
3/23/2013at Kalamazoo3-2 win60232300.937
3/24/2013at Kalamazoo2-1 win65:00:00130290.966
3/29/2013at Jamestown5-0 win60022221
3/30/2013at Jamestown2-1 loss1440:00:00232300.937

When you really look at Truehl's stats you really see just how great of a goalie he was this season. It'll be fun in the years to come to see where he's goaltending career takes him.

Here's his overall record this season:



The Tomahawks have a goalie tendered for the 2013-2014, Colin DeAugustine. You can read our blog post about the signing here.

Coming up in our next posts we'll look at the Tomahawks' forwards, Defensemen, and take our first look at what the team might look like for the 2013-2014 season.


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