April 12, 2013

Year in Review: The Forwards (part 3)

Today we will look at the last four players on the 2012-2013 Johnstown Tomahawks' roster. Tomorrow we'll end on part 4, which will highlight all the forwards that were traded, or released from the Tomahawks during the season.

 # 22 Corey Schafer

Schafer is the second Johnstown, Pa native on the team. Schafer was acquired in a trade with Wichita Falls on 1/10/2013 in exchange for Tomahawks' defenseman Kristaps Bazevics. Looking back at this deal, it was a fair trade for both clubs.

Schafer didn't play a lot this season for the Tomahawks due to injury. In total, Schafer, only saw the ice in seven games.

Season Stats: (Johnstown Only)


His only point with Johnstown this season came against Soo on 1/13/2013. It was only his second game with the team.

Game by Game Stats: (Johnstown Only)

1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L000-10000000
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W01110000001
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L00002000003
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W00002000000
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L00000000001
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L000-10000000
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L000-10000000

Final Thoughts on Schafer

Since Schafer didn't play a lot this season I can't give a full review on how he did. In high school he was a leading goal scorer but at this level he looks like he'll be more of a grinder type of player. He's a pretty quick skater, and can throw some pretty big hits.

It also looked like he was trying to play a role of a pest as well. One thing about this Tomahawks team, this year, was that we had too many of the same kind of players. Too many grinders and not enough goal scorers. Our pest is JB Baker, he's one of the best in the league in that role. If Schafer is back next season, he needs to find his scoring touch. Could he be a more physical Andrew McDonald type of player? Maybe.

 # 26 Brandon Reinholz

Reinholz was fourth on the team in points and third on the team in penalty minutes. He's been a teammate with Hall most of his life, and he wears his heart on his sleeve.

In his first home game of the season, he showed just what type of player he was to the hometown crowd.

In total Reinholz dropped the gloves four times.

Garrett Prochazka- Michigan Warriors- 9/29/2012
Robert Click- Michigan Warriors- 10/14/2012
Robin Hoglund- Soo Eagles- 1/25/2013
Tyler Minx- Jamestown Ironmen- 3/08/2013

Season Stats:


He was tied for second in power play goals, with seven on the season. He lead the team in game winning goals with three. His first game winning goal came against Kalamazoo on 10/28/2012, a 6-2 Johnstown win. His second game winning goal was on 1/31/2013, a 3-2 win vs Port Huron. His last game winning goal was vs Kalamazoo, again, on 3/23/2013, 3-2 win.

Reinholz also had eight multi-point games this season. His best game came at the end of the season, 3/29/2013, vs Jamestown. It was a 5-0 Johnstown win and in the game, Reinholz scored one goal, assisted on two others, and was a +4.

Game by Game Stats:

9/8/2012@Port Huron3-4 OTL00000000000
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL10107000002
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W11220000004
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W00000000002
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W01122000004
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL112-212110004
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W10125000001
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W000-10000001
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L000-110000003
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL20200100008
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W10122100016
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL01100010001
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L000-20000002
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W10110000006
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W00004000000
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W20210200004
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W11200010002
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W000-12000004
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L000-10000001
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W00012000004
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W11222000005
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W10102100002
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L00000000002
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W000-10000005
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L000-10000001
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W00000000000
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL00000000003
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L101-14000001
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL000020000000
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL000-20000003
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L000-22000002
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W10114000002
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L000-12000003
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W011-10010003
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L00005000001
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W000-14000006
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W11220000016
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L101-12100002
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L000-30000005
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL00002000002
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W01102010002
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L000-12000001
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L00002000002
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL00002000001
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL01110000001
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W000-10000000
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000-12000000
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W011219000001
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L00000000006
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W10112000013
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W00000000002
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W12340000002
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L000-10000001

Final Thoughts on Reinholz

This season Reinholz was thrown out of four games. Three of those game were Abuse of Officials. Reinholz is another player that hopefully will learn from this season how to control his emotions a little better. In those three games where Reinholz was kicked out, the Tomahawks were 0-1-2. We're not saying that if Reinholz would have still been in the games that the Tomahawks would have won, but when you're a leading goal scorer on a team having trouble getting goals, you can't help out while in the stands.

That's the only down side to Reinholz, and as he ages as a player, he'll learn the  right times to yell at the ref. Reinholz is a player that could take over Kontny's spot in the lineup next year, on the first line.

 # 28 Cody Gylling

Gylling was the Tomahawks leading scoring this season. He lead the team in assists, he had the only two short handed assists, he was second in shots, and fifth in shooting percentage.

One of Gylling's most memorable goals this season was a penalty shot goal vs Kalamazoo, with only five seconds left to go in the game, and the game tied at one.

A special goal for Gylling as his parents were in the crowd for the game.

Gylling had one fight this season, a fight that surprised everyone, because it was the first time in his career that he's dropped the gloves. That fight was vs Chris Kerr of the Wenatchee Wild on 2/15/2013.

Season Stats


Gylling had a team leading eleven multi-point games. His best stretch of games was between 1/19/2013 and 2/16/2013, a total of 10 games. In those 10 games, Gylling scored 8 goals, 7 assists, good for 15 points, and was a +6.

Game by Game Stats

9/8/2012@Port Huron3-4 OTL00000000004
9/9/2012@Port Huron2-4 L01112010001
9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L101-12100001
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W00000000000
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL20212100002
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L000-10000000
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL00000000001
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W01130000003
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W11212100004
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W01120000004
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL011-22010003
10/13/2012@Soo1-4 L000-12000002
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W03310020004
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W00000000003
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L000010000004
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL101-20100001
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W02230000003
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL000-12000003
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L000-12000003
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W000-20000003
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W00000000001
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W033-10030004
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W101-10100001
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W01120000102
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L000-10000002
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W10112000004
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W011-10010001
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W02200020004
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L000-14000002
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W00000000005
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L01100000002
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W10100000017
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL00020000002
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L000-20000001
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL00012000002
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-10000002
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL01110000001
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W00000000001
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L00000000006
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W10102100003
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L11210000008
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W21310100005
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W01110000004
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L11200010005
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L20210000004
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL11212010003
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W00010000000
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L01105000100
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L011-10010002
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL000-10000004
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL00000000005
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W01110000001
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L011-10010000
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W00002000000
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W00000000002
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W00014000001
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L01100010005

Final Thoughts on Gylling

Gylling is a fun player to watch. With his line mate (Kontny) not coming back next season, Gylling might be a perfect fit for the new team captain. I wish Gylling would use the body just a little more in his game. It seems like every game where he lays a big check, only moments later, he scores a goal. If Gylling would play else where next season it would be a huge loss for the Tomahawks.

 # 29 Mitch Kontny

Kontny will go down in the history books as being the team's first captain in team history. Playing center on a line with Gylling and Watt, Kontny was second on the team in points. Kontny wasn't a flashy goal scorer, but always seemed to either score or assist on every goal this season.

Between Kontny-Watt-Gylling, they factored in on 122 goals. This season the Tomahawks scored a total of 179 goals. 68% of the Tomahawks goals, were either scored by, or assisted by at least one of those players.

Kontny dropped the gloves once this season. That fight was against Soo's Robin Hoglund on 10/13/2012.

Season Stats


Kontny had ten multi-point games this season. His best stretch of games came between 1/13/2013 and 3/08/2013. In a span of 16 games, Kontny had 17 points. (5 goals, 11 assists)

Game by Game Stats

9/8/2012@Port Huron3-4 OTL01112000001
9/9/2012@Port Huron2-4 L000-20000002
9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L000-20000001
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W00000000001
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL10110000001
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L000-14000003
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL000012000000
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W00002000002
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W11210010002
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W20220000005
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL000-20000005
10/13/2012@Soo1-4 L00005000002
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W00000000001
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W10100000004
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L00000000006
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL011-20010002
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W20240000001
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL02200010002
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L101-10000001
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W011-10010002
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W10102100003
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W10100100003
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W101-10100012
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W10110000002
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L000-10000000
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W00010000001
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W02200010001
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W00000000001
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L000-10000001
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W00000000001
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L000-10000004
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W00000000001
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL20220000007
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L101-20000002
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL00002000002
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-40000001
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL000-20000003
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L000-20000005
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W10100100005
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L000-10000004
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W01100010000
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L10110000004
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W03320010004
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W01110000001
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L11202100003
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L01102000001
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL00000000000
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W01112000001
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L000-22000004
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L101-10100001
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL00002000004
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL00000000005
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W11212100011
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L112-10110005
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W01100000003
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L000-10000000
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W000-10000001
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W00000000004
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W00000000001

Final Thoughts on Kontny

It's going to be hard to replace Kontny next season. Not only was he a good point production player, but he was the team's captain and his line had such good chemistry. As of today, Kontny doesn't have a college commitment, but hopefully he'll continue playing the sport for years to come.


Tomorrow will be our last post for our Year in Review: The Forwards. The players we'll look at are, Joe Bender,  Brandon Brossoit, Gage Christianson,  Evan Hesse, Jon Kostial, Brandon Platt, Payton Ruter,  and Bobby Tritschler.

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