April 10, 2013

Year In Review: The Forwards (Part 1)

Year in Review: The Goalies, here
Year in Review: The Defesnemen, here

Today we are going to take a look at some of the forwards that played in a Tomahawks jersey this year. We'll do about five forwards a day, making this review four parts. This of course is part one.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your comments down below. Note: We might change the comment options to make you sign in to facebook or twitter to comment, so it's easier for us to comment back to you.

 # 7 Cody Boyd

One of two Johnstown natives on the Tomahawks. Of course we all know his father, Rick Boyd, who's also the Johnstown Tomahawks' GM. Cody, isn't going to score 20 goals a season, and he's not going to be a flashy player, and he knows that, and doesn't try to be a player he's not. He's a solid, hard checking forward that can contribute offensively every now and again.

This season Boyd was second on the team in penalty minutes with 143. He of course was behind, Jake Fairchild, who had 210 penalty minutes this season.

Boyd, like his father, isn't afraid to drop the gloves to defend his teammates. In total this season Boyd had eight fights:

Robbie Payne- Kalamazoo Jr. K-Wings- 11/10/2012
Max McHugh- Wenatchee Wild- 12/01/2012
Zach Badalamenti- Port Huron Fighting Falcons- 12/22/2012
TJ Stuntz- Michigan Warriors- 1/06/2013
Conor Lemirande- Jansville Jets- 2/08/2013
Joe Sullivan- Weatchee Wild- 2/16/2013
Ryan Urso- Jamestown Ironmen- 3/09/2013
Ross Pavek- Jamestown Ironmen- 3-30-2013

Season Stats:


During the season, Boyd was either an even or a plus player 42 games out of the 55 games he played. He didn't record any multi-point games during the season.He did improve offensively from last season, gaining six more points and improved his plus minus by one point.

Game by Game Stats:

9/8/2012@Port Huron3-4 OTL01102000000
9/9/2012@Port Huron2-4 L00000000001
9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L00002000001
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W10102000002
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL00004000000
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L01112000001
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL00000000000
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W00002000004
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W00004000001
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W00000000000
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL00000000003
10/13/2012@Soo1-4 L000-115000000
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W00002000001
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W000-10000001
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L000015000002
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W000-12000000
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W011111000001
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W00000000001
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W00012000000
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W000-30000001
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L00005000003
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W00000000001
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W000-10000002
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W00000000001
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L00002000000
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W000-10000000
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L000017000000
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL000-10000000
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L000-10000001
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL00000000000
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L10115000002
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL00000000001
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L00000000002
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W00002000001
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L00000000002
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W00020000000
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L00000000001
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W000-12000002
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W01120000001
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L000-10000001
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L000-20000000
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL00009000000
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W00002000000
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L00002000001
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L000014000000
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL01112000001
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL000-10000005
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W10100000002
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000-10000001
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W00010000002
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L00007000000
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W10110000001
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W00000000002
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W00002000001
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L00007000001

Final Thoughts on Boyd:

For being as big as Boyd is, he's a very good skater. If he can improve his shooting and puck making decision, there's no reason why he can't score around ten goals per season. Boyd plays on the edge and sometimes that emotion gets the best of him. If he can keep his emotions in check, he'll probably have an even better season next year.

 # 10 Cobi Smith-Mass

During the season we compared Cobi to the famous star of "Slapshot" Ogie Oglethrope. You can read that post here.

Smith-Mass had a down year this season stat wise, but that's due to an early season injury that kept him off the ice for about two months. At the start of the season, before his injury, he recorded half of his total points in the first seven games of the season.

Smith-Mass was a solid third-fourth line, grinder for the Tomahawks, and also played a few games towards the end of the season on defense. Before coming to Johnstown, Smith-Mass had played for the Alaska Avalanche last season.

Season Stats:


Smith-Mass finished with a -8 on the season, but played better defense than what that stat indicates. Cobi didn't register any multi-point games during the season. During the playoffs, Cobi had a very active stick, getting to lose pucks in the neutral zone.

Game by Game Stats:

9/9/2012@Port Huron2-4 L00000000001
9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L00002000002
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W10100100002
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL01102000000
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L000-30000000
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL10112000005
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W00005000000
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W000-10000003
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L00000000000
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W00000000001
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W00000000001
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W00002000003
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L00000000001
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W00010000001
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L00000000001
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W000-12000002
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL000-10000000
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L00000000000
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL00010000002
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-20000003
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L000-20000001
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W000-10000000
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L00002000001
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W000-10000000
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W00000000000
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L000-10000001
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L101-10000002
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL00002000001
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W00000000002
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L00002000001
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L00005000001
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL10110000001
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL00000000000
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W000-10000000
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L00000000003
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W00012000002
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W00000000000
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W10120000011
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L00002000002

During the season, Smith-Mass dropped the gloves twice.

AJ Maricnek- Michigan Warriors- 9/30/2012 *Was injured during this fight, and missed about two months
Derick Kuchera- Wenatchee Wild- 2/16/2013

Final Thoughts on Smith-Mass

He was a good player for Johnstown in the role he was placed in. He's a '92 so he won't be back next season. We'll be keeping and eye out to see if he goes on to play at the next level.

# 11 Matt Williams

On 2/05/2013, Johnstown made a trade with Coulee Region to bring Williams to Johnstown. He's was one of the faster skaters on the Johnstown roster. Both of his points with Johnstown came in one game, a 4-2 win vs the Springfield Jr Blues on 3/01/2013.

Season Stats: (Johnstown Only)


Williams did not have a fight this season for the Tomahawks.

Game by Game Stats: (Johnstown Only)

2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL00000000001
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W00000000001
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L00000000001
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L00000000001
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL00010000001
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL00002000002
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W022-10010002
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000-10000000
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W000-10000001
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L00000000001
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W00010000001
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W00000000002
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W00020000001
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L00000000001

Final Thoughts on Williams

It would have been nice to see Williams play a full season with Johnstown to see what type of numbers he'd produce. Being a '92 though, he won't be back next season.

# 14 Jaycob McCombs

McCombs was a Draft pick for the Johnstown Tomahawks in the 2012 NAHL draft. He was picked in the seventh round, and was Johnstown seventh pick in the draft.

Like a lot of the Tomahawks this season, McCombs missed sometime during the season due to injury. McCombs recorded four multi-point games this season.

McCombs also dropped the gloves once this season. That fight was vs Ian McGilvrey of Corpus Christi on 9/15/2012.

Season Stats:


McCombs had the eighth best shooting percentage on the team but had the 3rd fewest shots out of those top eight players.

Game by Game Stats:

9/9/2012@Port Huron2-4 L000-10000002
9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L00000000000
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W00010000000
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL000-10000002
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L000217000003
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W11202110003
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W00002000002
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL000-10000000
10/13/2012@Soo1-4 L00000000000
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W00002000000
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W000-10000000
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L00002000001
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL01100000001
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W01110000005
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL00002000005
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L000-24000001
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W101-10100001
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W01110000000
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W00000000004
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W000-10000002
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W00000000001
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L00000000001
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W00010000001
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W00002000002
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W00010000002
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L00000000002
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W00010000002
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L20222000007
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W00002000005
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL00002000003
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L02210000001
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL00002000005
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-22000003
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL00000000000
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L101114000002
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W101-10000012
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L00000000003
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W20222000013
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W01110000000
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W00000000001
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W00002000001
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L00000000001

Final Thoughts on McCombs:

McCombs is in my "Top 5 Favorite Players" on this Tomahawks' team. McCombs can play at both sides of the ice, and picks the right times on offense to use his speed. He will get in the corners and he isn't afraid to us the body. With Kontny not returning, McCombs would fit nicely with Gylling on a top line, if Gylling returns. I think if he plays with the right players and can build on this past season, McCombs can have a record season next year.

# 15 Andrew McDonald

McDonald was acquired in a trade with Frenso on 10/26/2012 for Tomahawks forward, Brandon Brossoit. At the time of the trade it looked like Fresno might have got the better side of the deal.

Stats when the trade was made:

Brandon Brossoit with Johnstown

Andrew McDonald with Fresno

Once McDonald got to town, Johnstown saw it got the better end of the deal. In his first seven games, McDonald had six points. Brossoit only played seven games total, scoring five points, before he was traded again, this time to Topeka.

McDonald would average to be about a point a game player until 1/18/2012, when he seemed to hit a wall and began an eleven game pointless streak.

Season Stats (Johnstown Only)


McDonald had six multi-point game nights, getting three points twice, once vs Wenatchee on 11/30/2012 and the other was vs Fresno on 12/07/2012.

Game by Game Stats (Johnstown Only)

10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL00000000000
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W10104000001
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL000-20000000
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L10120000002
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W02200010002
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W11222000012
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W00000000001
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W00002000003
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W21310001002
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L00000000000
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W12330010003
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W01110000001
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W11220000001
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L00000000003
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W00004000000
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L00002000000
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W00002000003
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL00002000000
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L00000000002
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL10114000002
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-22000001
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL011-10000005
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L011-10010001
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W20230000002
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L000-20000002
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W00002000001
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L000-20000001
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W00010000005
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W00002000003
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L00000000003
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L000012000002
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL000-12000000
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W00000000001
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L00010000004
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L000-10000002
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL10112000002
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL000-12000001
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W00000000001
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000-12000002
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W00012000001
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L101-12000003
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W000-12000003
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W00000000000
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W00010000002
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L000-10000000

Final Thoughts on McDonald

McDonald is very fast which leads to a lot of his chances. He's not afraid to use the body on guys that are much bigger then he is. He did slump this season, but the team was also slumping at that time. I hope McDonald returns to Johnstown next season. He's more then capable to be a point a game player.


Tomorrow on part two of our Year in Review: The Forwards, we'll take a look at Connor Wright, Zach Wallace, Mike Sandor, Jordan Watt, and  JB Baker.


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Smith-Mass was born in 92, not 94. 94 would make him only 18-19 and able to return next year.

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