April 9, 2013

Year In Review: The Defensemen

Yesterday we took a look at all the goalies that suited up for the Johnstown Tomahawks this season. (You can read that blog post here.) Today we move onto the defensemen. We'll cover all players that played at least one game with the Tomahawks this season, and go in order of player jersey number.

Let's begin.

# 2 Cody Bentzel

Bentzel is the type of defenseman you don't always notice on the ice until he's not in the lineup, and then you relies just how valuable he really is. He's not a flashy D-man and he doesn't murder people with his hits, he just gets the job done.

In game two of the playoffs vs Port Huron, Bentzel hurt his shoulder, and missed game three. Would  he have been the difference maker, getting the Tomahawks the win? He might not have, but it wouldn't have hurt to have him.

Bentzel's best game, point wise, came the first home game of the season, where he received two assists in the Johnstown win over Michigan, 4-2.  Bentzel never had a game all season where he was more then a minus two on the ice, and in 32 of the 50 games he played, he was either an even or a plus player.

Bentzel had one fight this season, which was against Michigan's Shawn Badali.

Here's his season totals:


Game by Game Stats:

9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L000120
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W011-100
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL000002
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L000102
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL022200
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W000102
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W000-201
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W011101
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL000-302
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W000042
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W000-120
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L000002
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL000001
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W000100
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL000-223
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L000001
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W000200
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W000-101
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W000002
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W101101
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W000-102
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W000000
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L000000
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W000022
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L000070
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W000-141
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL000002
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L000020
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL000050
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-203
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL000000
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L000-101
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W000100
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L000000
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W000020
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L000-102
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W000-201
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W000100
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L0000141
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L000-220
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL000-200
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL000101
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W000000
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000-100
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W000022
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L000104
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W000140
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W000002
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W000100
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L000-100

Final Thoughts on Bentzel:

He's a '93 player which mean he is able to play one more season in junior hockey, which I hope he spends that time back in Johnstown.

# 4 Ian Spencer

Spencer was fourth among the team's defensmen in scoring during the regular season. He was also the Johnstown Tomahawks first ever NAHL Draft pick in the 2012 draft. He is also one of three Tomahawks' players that made a college commitment, though his commitment came before the regular season. Though he still able to play at the junior level, like Truehl, will be heading to college next season, University of Vermont.

Spencer was probably the slowest defensemen on the Tomahawks roster but seemed to be very confident with the puck.

Spencer had one game winning goal which came against Jamestown in a 3-1 victory on March 8th 2013. Spencer also had one fight while playing for Johnstown. That fight was against Jamestown's Elliot Tisdale, after Tisdale hit Casey Nelson from behind, causing Nelson to miss the rest of the regular season with an injury to his shoulder.

Season Totals:


Spencer had four multiple point games this season with his best effort coming on 12/21/2012 at Port Huron, where Spencer recorded three assists in the teams 3-2 win.

Game by Game Stats:

9/8/2012@Port Huron3-4 OTL000003
9/9/2012@Port Huron2-4 L000-204
9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L000-201
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L000-200
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL000-101
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W011-100
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W011004
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W000003
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL112004
10/13/2012@Soo1-4 L000-100
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W000-100
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W000200
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L000-200
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL011-101
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W000102
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL000000
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L000-201
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W022001
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W000000
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W000-120
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W000-100
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W000100
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L000000
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W112202
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W000102
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W011205
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L000001
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W033103
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L000122
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W011003
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL000006
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L000-302
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W000100
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L011-105
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W011103
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L000100
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W011200
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W000201
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L000-100
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L011-300
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL101001
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W000001
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L000-101
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L000000
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL000100
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W000001
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000-102
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W101201
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L0000170
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W101002
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W000003
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W000103
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L000002

Final Thoughts on Spencer:

At the beginning of the season his defense was terrible, but he got better as the season went along. One thing that I couldn't stand but luckily it never back fired on him, was when he'd make a defensive pass in his own zone, through or close by the crease. It'll be interesting to see how he does for the University of Vermont, and to see if he'll have a career in pro hockey.

Note: A reader commented that Ian Spencer is coming back to Johnstown next season instead of going to the College level.

 # 8 Casey Nelson

Nelson was hands down the Tomahawks best offensive defensmen and probably the team's best skater. Watching Nelson skate, it looked like it was effortless on his part and just something that came natural, like walking.

Nelson was ninth in the league in Defensmen scoring with his 32 points.

Nelson was the third player on this Tomahawks team to make a college commitment, selecting to go to Minnesota State-Mankato next season. We broke the news here on our blog, and you can read that article here.

Nelson didn't have a fight this season for the Tomahawks but did have eight multiple point nights during the season. He also scored two game winning goals, one coming against Janesville (10/05/2012) and the other coming vs Kalamazoo (11/09/2012).

Season Stats:


Game by Game Stats:

9/8/2012@Port Huron3-4 OTL000003
9/9/2012@Port Huron2-4 L101004
9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L000-304
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W000001
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL011-103
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L000-2142
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL000004
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W000102
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W101225
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W000205
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL011-127
10/13/2012@Soo1-4 L000-302
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W112202
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W000-101
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L000-121
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL011-206
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W022101
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL112105
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L000003
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W101066
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W011004
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W123004
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W022-107
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W000122
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L000-100
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W000222
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W101102
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W011102
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L000-109
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W000-127
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L000-127
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W000021
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL011004
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L000-104
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL000103
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-123
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL101003
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L011003
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W011101
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L000-103
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W000002
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L000004
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W000103
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W101107
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L022-122
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L000205
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL011104
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W112204
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L000-104
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L000-122
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL000006
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL000-104
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W000001
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L022003
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W000-100
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L000-200

Final Thoughts on Nelson:

I wish we could have another season with Nelson on our team, because he's that good. If there's any player on the team that has the best shot to have a good pro hockey career, my money would be on Nelson. He's got the wheels, he's got the shot, and he plays good defense. What more could you ask for?

 # 12 Mitch Hall

Mitch Hall spent half the season with the Jamestown Ironmen before he was traded to the Johnstown Tomahawks on 1/9/2013 for draft picks (if I remember correctly). Hall played 22 games for the Ironmen posting only three points. Once Hall became a Tomahawks he posted 13 points in 24 games.

Hall is another D-man who can play at both ends of the rink. He was one of a few Tomahawks' players that ended the season as a plus player (+1). Mitch Hall didn't drop the gloves with the Tomahawks, instead he did his damage on the scoreboard.

The best game that Hall played in Johnstown, stat wise, came the second to last game of the season against his former team. In the 5-0 win over the Jamestown Ironmen, Hall recorded one goal, and one assist, while posting a +3 on ice rating.

Hall also scored one of the Tomahawks two short handed goals of the season.

Season Stats: (Johnstown Only)


Game by Game Stats: (Johnstown Only)

1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL000101
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L000-223
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W000123
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L011-123
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W000100
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L000001
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W101203
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W011125
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L000-102
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L011-222
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL011-124
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W101-122
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L101001
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L011-100
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL000103
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL000-104
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W011042
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000000
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W000101
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L011102
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W000000
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W011002
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W112302
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L000-100

Final Thoughts on Hall:

Hall was a great pickup by Rick Boyd and hopefully he'll come back to the team next season. He's not a big guy back on the blue line but like we said, he still gets the job done. When pressured in his own zone he stays calm and makes the simple, easy play.

# 23 Jesse Kessler

During the Tomahawks' Awards at the end of the season, Kessler was voted fan favorite. One of the reasons is that Johnstown loves tough guys, willing to do whatever it takes for their teammates. Kessler isn't the biggest guy in the league, nor does he drop the gloves every game, but when he does, you better look out.

Kessler had five fights this season:

David Becker- Janesville Jets- 10/7/2012
Elliot Tisdale- Jamestown Ironmen- 12/4/2012
Brendan Vetter- Kalamazoo Jr K-Wings- 12/30/2012
Eric Rivard- Soo Eagles- 1/13/2013
Joe Sullivan- Wenatchee Wild- 2/16/2013

When he wasn't dropping the gloves, sticking up for teammates, he was playing solid defense and contributing on the offensive side of things.

Season Stats:


Just like Hall, Kessler had himself two game winning goals on the season. The first came against Michigan on 9/30/2012, and then against Michigan again on 10/14/2012. On that night Kessler scored a season high, three points (one goal, two assists) and ended the night with a +2.

Game by Game Stats:

9/8/2012@Port Huron3-4 OTL101-103
9/9/2012@Port Huron2-4 L000-100
9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L000-120
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W101001
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL000-221
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L000-101
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL000-101
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W101104
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W000223
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W022250
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL011002
10/13/2012@Soo1-4 L000-200
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W123202
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W000-101
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L000003
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL000-104
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W022202
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL000101
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L011120
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W011002
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W000120
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W000001
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W011103
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L000-101
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W011141
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W011001
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W101052
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L000040
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W000002
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L000002
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W000051
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL000003
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L000-121
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL000021
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-1142
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL000002
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L112022
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W000171
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L000004
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W000021
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L000-122
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W000100
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W000003
2/2/2013vsSoo4-5 L011202
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL011103
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W011201
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L000-102
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L000-151
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL000-101
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL000023
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W011-120
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000-103
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W000002
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L011-101
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W000-100
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W000003
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W011200
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L101001

Final Thoughts on Kessler:

Kessler is another player that came with the team from Alaska. He played two less games last year but only registered 11 points, and was a +18. Kessler is that good "team player" type of guy that every team wants and needs.

 # 24 Jeff Bergh

Bergh is a '92 which means this was his last year of junior hockey. He had career high numbers and finished with a +1.Bergh also played for the Alaska team before the team moved to Johnstown. Bergh is another player that you didn't always notice out on the ice but that just meant he was doing his job. He did however manage to score 24 points on the season in 49 games.

Just like so many other Johnstown D-men, Bergh had two game winning goals. The first was against Jamestown on 11/23/2012, and the second game at Fresno on 12/08/2012.

Bergh only had one fight this season vs Soo's Michael Crowley, but he never backed away from any scrums in front of his netminder between whistles.

Season Stats:


Game by Game Stats:

9/8/2012@Port Huron3-4 OTL000001
9/9/2012@Port Huron2-4 L101124
9/12/2012vsBrookings2-4 L011-121
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W011000
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL000020
9/15/2012@Corpus Christi3-5 L101-402
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL000-201
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W000004
10/6/2012vsJanesville5-3 W011001
10/7/2012vsJanesville4-1 W000121
10/12/2012@Soo4-5 OTL000055
10/13/2012@Soo1-4 L000102
10/14/2012@Michigan4-2 W000-142
10/19/2012vsSoo3-2 W011201
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L000-123
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL022021
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W011204
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL101002
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L000-421
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W000-102
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W011101
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W101002
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W000-201
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W011100
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L000003
12/7/2012@Fresno6-1 W112222
12/8/2012@Fresno4-3 W101102
12/14/2012vsJamestown5-0 W011301
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L000003
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L101221
12/30/2012vsKalamazoo2-1 W011002
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL000002
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L000-121
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL000022
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-401
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL000-101
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W000001
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L000-120
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L000001
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL000101
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL000102
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W011101
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000-123
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W101202
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L000103
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W022007
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W011003
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W000201
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L000004

Final Thoughs on Bergh:

Bergh has good size as a defenseman. He doesn't have any college commitment that I'm aware of for next season. Hopefully he can find a school to play for or a pro-minor team that could use his services, because he's got the talent to keep playing.

 # 27 Jake Fairchild

Fairchild lead the team in penalty minutes this season with 210 in 47 games. He tied Jamestown's Tyler Minx for the league lead in penalties. Fairchild also got himself six game misconducts or game ejections this season.

He had some HUGE hits this season, but too many times, he hit guys high with elbows.

Fairchild was another fan favorite because of his style of play, and even though he spent most of his time in the sin bin, he still was a +1 player.

Fairchild had a total of ten fights this season:

Gavein Burbach- Soo Eagles- 10/20/2012
Noah Nelson- Wenatchee Wild- 12/01/2012
Bobby Brown- Port Huron Fighting Falcons- 12/21/2012
Jake Faiella- Michigan Warriors- 1/5/2013
Mick Bruce- Port Huron Fighting Falcons- 2/01/2013
Micah Ranum- Springfield Jr. Blues- 3/01/2013
Joseph Mottqua- Jamestown Ironmen- 3/08/2013
Joseph Mottqua- Jamestown Ironmen- 3/09/2013
Ross Pavek- Jamestown Ironmen- 3/29/2013
Aaron Scheppelman- Jamestown Ironmen- 3/30/2013

Season Stats:


Game by Game Stats:

9/8/2012@Port Huron3-4 OTL000101
9/13/2012vsKenai River6-5 W000000
9/14/2012@Austin4-5 OTL000020
9/29/2012vsMichigan2-3 OTL000220
9/30/2012vsMichigan4-2 W000201
10/13/2012@Soo1-4 L000040
10/20/2012vsSoo0-4 L000090
10/27/2012@Kalamazoo4-5 OTL011-101
10/28/2012@Kalamazoo6-2 W000-100
11/3/2012vsSpringfield3-4 OTL000120
11/4/2012vsSpringfield4-6 L000-101
11/9/2012vsKalamazoo4-3 W000-220
11/10/2012vsKalamazoo4-1 W101101
11/23/2012@Jamestown5-3 W011102
11/24/2012@Jamestown3-2 W011121
11/30/2012@Wenatchee4-3 W000-102
12/1/2012@Wenatchee0-1 L000050
12/15/2012vsJamestown0-1 L000-124
12/21/2012@Port Huron3-2 W0000141
12/22/2012@Port Huron3-4 L0000170
12/31/2012vsKalamazoo2-3 OTL000144
1/4/2013@Michigan2-4 L000001
1/5/2013@Michigan1-2 OTL011154
1/6/2013@Michigan1-8 L000-102
1/11/2013vsPort Huron2-3 OTL000102
1/12/2013vsPort Huron2-4 L000-100
1/13/2013vsSoo6-2 W000121
1/18/2013vsMichigan1-3 L000-101
1/19/2013vsMichigan3-2 W000041
1/25/2013@Soo2-5 L000-220
1/26/2013@Soo5-4 W000-162
1/31/2013vsPort Huron3-2 W000140
2/1/2013vsPort Huron4-5 L0110220
2/8/2013@Janesville3-4 OTL000-100
2/9/2013@Janesville3-1 W000-181
2/15/2013vsWenatchee1-3 L000001
2/16/2013vsWenatchee2-3 L000-1151
2/22/2013vsFresno2-3 OTL000001
2/23/2013vsFresno1-2 OTL000000
3/1/2013@Springfield4-2 W0000110
3/2/2013@Springfield2-3 L000000
3/8/2013vsJamestown3-1 W0000170
3/9/2013vsJamestown2-3 L0000210
3/23/2013@Kalamazoo3-2 W011223
3/24/2013@Kalamazoo2-1 W000021
3/29/2013@Jamestown5-0 W000170
3/30/2013@Jamestown1-2 L0000170

Final Thoughts on Fairchild:

You could call Fairchild, The Rock, because like The Rock, he seems to have "The People's Elbow". Fairchild can deliver monster hits, but he doesn't have to do it to the head. I'm not going for player safety here, it's that, his high hits put the team on the penalty kill, sometimes for long periods of time. If Fairchild can contiune playing the way he plays but just control himself better, he'll perform better and so will the team.

That being said, Fairchild was one of my more favorite players and I hope he's back with Johnstown next year.

 # 6 Dakoda Menslage

We saved Menslage for last because he didn't play a lot for the Tomahawks this season, so we didn't get a real good look at his playing style. Menslage didn't record a point in seven games that he played in for the Tomahawks.

He did however have one fight, which came against Michigan's Mitchell Wedding. It was his first NAHL career fight.

Season Stats:


Final Thoughts on Menslage:

Menslage is a tendered player that the Tomahawks called up when they had a few D-men hurt. In his limited role this season, he wasn't that bad. As each game went on you could see he was building up his confidence. He stands at 6'3 210lb, great size for a defenseman. He is willing to drop the gloves which is another plus.

This season in the NA3HL in 20 games he register 11 points, was a +15, and had 76 penalty minutes. He only played a short time due to an injury vs the Soo Eagles back on 2/2/2012. The team didn't release what the injury was, but seeing the hit, I'd have to say it was a concussion, or an upper body injury.

Hopefully Menslage returns to the Tomahawks for a full season.

Projection: Maybe a more offensive Jake Fairchild.

Released Players:

# 5 Kristaps Bazevics

Bazevics was traded to get Johnstown native Corey Schafer. I like Bazevice and he seemed to have a pretty good shot, but never got that much ice time.


 # 27 Codey Hansen

Hansen came to Johnstown when the Alaska team relocated to Johnstown. He was another Jake Fairchild like player. The Tomahawks traded him on 11/13/2012, supposedly because he requested a trade because he wanted to be closer to home, so the team traded him to Topeka.


# 6 Nathan Morris

Morris only played two games with the Tomahawks, both on the road so I can't tell you anything about him other then he was a monster, 6'7 194lb Defenseman. He was released by the team on 10/2/2012.



Later in the week we'll take a look at the forwards for the Johnstown Tomahawks. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Ian Spencer will be back in Johnstown next season.

Anonymous said...

I was told the same thing. I overheard Spencer's mom saying that he is staying another year in Johnstown before going to college.

Anonymous said...

Bergh hands down had the best passing game of all Tomahawks players. He made it look so easy and natural that most don't even notice that every pass was right on the tape - not in the feet, too far ahead or behind. Also, he stopped everything at the blue line - where it should be stopped. Great dman - hoping he finds another place to play - would like to see some more of this guy!

Jon Kohan said...

I couldn't agree more. Bergh was a great player for us, and I hope he finds a good college to play for next season.