April 6, 2013

Johnstown Force a Game 3

Sums up the Tomahawks reaction, coming back to Johnstown for game three.

Port Huron didn't want to get on their bus and travel to Johnstown for a game on Sunday, but in this world, you have to do things you don't want to. Johnstown played a great game, got great goaltending, and had two great penalty kills that gave them the 2-0 victory.


Both goals for Johnstown came in the second period. The game winner came off the stick of D-man Jeff Bergh. The goal was unassisted. Only 1:05 later the Tomahawks got the insurance marker, Cobi Smith-Mass assisted by Connor Wright and Brandon Reinholz.

Penalty of Note:

In the third period, Jaycob McCombs was given four minutes for checking from behind and a game ejection. Seeing the hit online, it looked to be the right call. Luckily the penalty didn't come back to haunt us.

Penalty Kill:

Port Huron went 0-6 on the power play, but they had a lot of good chances. Last night the Tomahawks showed they were willing to do what it takes to win, with two penalty kills coming to mind.

The first was in the second period when Jake Fairchild took an elbowing penalty. Port Huron had the puck in the zone for most of power play but the Tomahawks blocked 4 shots, almost back-to back, from the point. Every player on the ice sacrificed their body to make sure Port Huron didn't get a quality shot on net.

The other penalty kill that stands out in my mind was during McCombs' four minute penalty. If Port Huron would have scored on that extended power play they could have tied the game. Zach Wallace, made three or four key blocks, with one of them seeming to injure him on the play. Unable to get off the ice, Wallace, blocked at least one more shot, then as best as he could, got to the lose puck to clear it. Wallace showed on that shift that he didn't want to go home empty handed.

Truehl picked up the win and the shutout. Truehl had one total shutout in the whole regular season. If not for Truehl, Port Huron might have won that game, but Chris kept the Tomahawks in the game until Bergh was able to find a way to beat Milosek.


Game 3:

It comes to this. On Sunday, when the final buzzer sounds, one team will be going on to the next round, while the other just goes home. Anything can happen.

If you attend the game, expect to see both team throwing everything they've got at each other. Should be a great battle.

Boyd will be back in the line up for Johnstown after missing the first two games due to league suspension.

We got our tickets just a little after 10am today and the War Memorial was already packed with people getting their tickets, so expect a big time crowd on Sunday.

Here's some Tweets just after the game ending last night:

Final Thoughts:

In a final game of a playoff round anything could happen. A bad bounce, a bad call, and it could be all over. The Tomahawks might be on the winning side, or Port Huron might knocked us out. Whatever happens tomorrow afternoon, at least we get to see our team on our ice again.

If we win, the place will go nuts, and the team will get a boost from the home crowd to keep winning. If we lose, at least the fans can show their appreciation for the team and all they did this year. So either way, the city at least, will be a winner on Sunday.

But, let's hope they kick some butt and we can hold off on the "Thanks for a great season" until a later date.

GIF of the day:

It's great to be back on home ice.
Let's Go 'Hawks!

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