April 5, 2013

Game 2 Tonight, Johnstown Behind 1-0 in Series

Last night the Johnstown Tomahawks got shutout in their first playoff game, 3-0. We'd recap the game with who scored but Johnstown didn't net a goal, and judging from the 404 people that were at the at game, nobody really cares about Port Huron.

So instead of just recapping the score today, we'll do something a little different. We're just going to share some thoughts and information about last night's game. Remember, this is a blog, so it's our opinion, and if others totally agree, that's great, but it doesn't mean we're right or wrong.

Play by Play Guy:

Port Huron's play by play guy probably is the worst commentator in hockey. If you haven't heard his play by play, think of Sam Kinison doing play by play from a Burger King drive through speaker. After the first period I had a splitting headache.

Did you know Mike Sandor is really Mike Candor? Well that's what the play by play guy called him last night. Did you know that Johnstown also has a Johnson on the team? According to him, Johnson got a few shots in the game last night. Last but not least, every time Mitch Kontny touched the puck his name was pronounced wrong and differently, EVER SINGLE TIME.

Tonight when I watch Game Two on fasthockey.com I'll be doing it with the sound off.

Get it Deep:

Port Huron out shot Johnstown 26-22, but the game seemed like Port Huron had way more shots then that. At times Johnstown looked good, just not good enough. Too many bad passes and too many individual efforts with the puck last night.

Port Huron seemed to play a tough neutral zone game, and Johnstown could not get the puck deep and then keep it in the zone. Max Milosek didn't make great saves but he did  make all the saves.

This could be it. We lose tonight it's all over until September. I don't think this team will go down without a fight, unlike some Chiefs' teams of the past. I really believe that we have to keep it simple. Get the puck deep, use the body, and every chance we get, throw the puck on net. We're not a fancy team, so let's not try to be now.

Last night we played pretty good defense but we spent too much time on defense. Jake Fairchild will be back in the line tonight so that should help us on the D size a little bit.

Chris Truehl played good. We just had zero offense.

The players know what's at stake so I'm not worried one bit.

Let's hope this time tomorrow, Hawk fans are buying tickets at the War Memorial for Game 3. I know it can be done, it's just time to dig deep.

If there isn't a Game 3, the Tomahawks announced today that they'll have a fan party at the War Memorial on Sunday. Read it here.

The GIF below shows the emotion of Port Huron's players when they find out they have to play game three in Johnstown:

Let's go Hawks!

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