March 15, 2013

Suzanne Grove Wasikowska

As I've said before, this week has been dragging, and with no Tomahawks' games this weekend, we have no meaning. (At least at the site we don't.) I hope that the off season doesn't go this way or all the readers out there are going to get a lot of weird posts.

Anyways, a few days ago we wrote a little article to pass the time called, "Cobi Smith-Mass-Oglethorpe". Basically we just took two pictures side by side. One of Cobi Smith-Mass and and the other of Ned Dowd, the man who played Oglethorpe in Slap Shop. People seemed to enjoy it, so we might as well do it again.

We'll set up this post up with a little makebelieve story, to make it all fit into place. By the way, at the bottom of this short post we'll quickly preview the match ups that are taking place this weekend in the North Division. Let's get back on track now.

The Johnstown Tomahawks' have just come off their sixth NAHL Championship in a row, and Hollywood has come knocking, as they want to turn the story into the winters biggest hit, an inspirational tale about a city that didn't have hockey for two years, and when they got it back, they made the city winners.

I'd go see that.

Hold on though, we need to cast somebody playing the role of GM, Rick Boyd. Who's going to play Rick Bouchard, the majority owner who took a chance on the city of Johnstown? Well like I said, it might be a long summer so you might be seening a post in the near future where we do write about that. Today it'll be Mrs. Grove. Why? Because TheTomablog needs a new post, and i thought they kind of looked a little a like. I know, very scientific.

In that Hollywood film, Mia Wasikowska would play Suzanna Grove:

To be serious for a moment, I think we can all agree that Suzanne Grove has done a great job in her first year with the Tomahawks as the Public Relations Manager. Again, just another great piece to the puzzle that the ownership has put in place inside the wonderful Cambria County War Memoiral.

Hopefully both Smith-Mass and Grove understand this is all in good fun and that this is what happens when the team gets a bye-week. To show that ther's nothing to get embrassed about, I have cast the role of "die-hard Johnstown Tomahawks fan" (based on myself0 below. I think we'll all agree it's like looking at the same picture.

North Division Match Ups: (3/15/2013 to 3/17/2013)

March 15th

Soo At Port Huron
Michigan At Janesville

March 16th

Jamestown at Kalamazoo
Soo at Port Huron
Michigan at Janesville

March 17th

Jamestown at Kalamazoo

Note: Springfield also doesn't play this weekend. Johnstown just needs one more point to clinch a spot in the playoffs. If Springfield losses one game Johnstown can also clinch that way. Next weekend Johnstown will play Kalamazoo, and Springfield takes on Soo.

Hope you shared a laugh with us today and can't wait for the Hawks to get back in action.

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