March 12, 2013

Cobi Smith-Mass-Oglethorpe

The Johnstown Tomahawks don't play this weekend, and with the end of the season only four games away, there's currently not much to write about.


...was Cobi Smith-Mass channeling his inner Ogie Oglethorpe this season.


Ned Dowd played Ogie Oglethorpe in Slap Shot, his sister wrote the movie. In real life Ned Dowd played three season's for the Johnstown Jets. In the film, as we all know, Oglethorpe was the toughest (and maybe the dirtiest) player in the league. Ned Dowd on the other hand, was a goal scorer.

Here's his stats via hockeydb:

Dowd is now a Hollywood movie producer, with 23 producing credit's so far in his career. Some of the films he's help produce have been, Apocalypto, The Last of the Mohicans, Shanghai Noon, and King Arthur.

Here's a look at Smith Mass's numbers:

Cobi scored three of his five points in the first six games of the season, then he got hurt. He was out of the line up for about two months and since his return just hasn't had a steady spot in the line up.

Smith Mass has good size and can play both forward and defense. In these last four games of the season, with some guys still injured, this is the perfect time for Smith-Mass to show that's he a better player then his stats would show this season.

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