February 6, 2013

Soo and Jamestown Make Trades

When I started this blog I wanted to cover the Johnstown Tomahawks as best as I could, but at the same time I wanted to share news from the whole NAHL North division.

Well, today the Hawks division rivals, the Soo Eagles and Jamestown Ironmen both made trades. First off, Soo today have traded away (G) Zack Nagelvoort to the Aberden Wings for (G) Paige Skoog and (D) JD Cotroneo.

Nagelvoort is a goalie that I would have loved to have on my team. A debate could be had about who had the best goalie tandem in the league. Truehl and Brennan have worked well together but in my mind there's been no better tandem then Marble and Nagelvoort.

Via hockeydb, here is Nagelvoort's career numbers:

He hasn't got much playing time but when he has seen time between the pipes he has done quite well. So, Soo probably got the better end of the deal right? Cause they did get two players for one. Stat wise it doesn't look that way. Now Marble's back up is Paige Skoog.

Win/lose isn't great but then again Aberden only has ten wins all season. The key into seeing how good a goalie really is on a bad team is his save percentage. Anything about 90% is considered good. He's right there at .905. Nagelvoort on the other hand was making .927% of his saves.

Advantage Nagelvoort.

But Soo also received a D-man in the deal, JD Cotroneo, and he's a big one standing at 6'5 200lb.

Judging by his stats he seems to be more of a "Stay at Home" defesnseman then a join the rush type of guy. Yes he might be a -13 on the season but again he was playing for a team that only has ten wins. Still I say advantage Aberden on this trade.

You never know what exactly goes on off the ice and in the locker room but to a fan's eyes this trade just seems terrible for Soo. Then again it is coming close to playoff time and no doubt that Marble is going to see all the playing time, so this is probably good for Nagelvoort as he'll probably be the go to guy now for the Wings.

Jamestown Ironmen also made a trade as the deadline creeps closer, sending (G) Tim Shaughnessy to Coulee Region for a yet to be announced player/draft pick.

Shaughnessy became Ironmen's starter after goalie Reid Mimmack left the team to begin his time at Bemidji State University. This now leaves the Ironmen with only one goalie, Blake Wojtala , which probably means they'll make another trade to pick up a quality backup goaltender or they have somebody in mind to sign.

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